The Traeger Orange Brine and also Turkey rub Kit infuses turkey and other poultry through juicy, soft flavor. This Traeger turkey obstacle kit has actually notes the citrus, garlic, and other spices and also adds an extra class of tastiness come Thanksgiving turkey. The orange brine and also turkey obstacle can also be supplied year-round to include irresistible flavor come roast chicken, wild birds, or any other poultry. Produce the perfect wood-fired bird with the Traeger Orange Brine and Turkey obstacle Kit.

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Features:Made in the USANotes of citrus, garlic, and also spicesKosher, GMO-free, and gluten-freeIncludes orange brine mix and Traeger turkey rubGreat ~ above Thanksgiving turkey or year-round ~ above poultry

I've used this plenty of time and it constantly turns out together expected. Straightforward to use and also produces good flavor.
I grabbed this at our local ranch store. We only did a 12 hour brine. The turkey turned out amazing!

I do a turkey using this brine kit because that the first time this previous Thanksgiving and also was told not to make it any type of other method ever again! It to be a group pleaser of 15..

The moisture and flavor that the Orange Brine and Rub kit gives our Turkey is amazing. Ns going come tryout ~ above cornish video game hens next.

Used for Thanksgiving. Everyone raved around how moist and also flavorful the turkey was. I was said this is the means they desire it all set every year.
This is my favourite brine. I've used it for the past two years for Christmas and also Thanksgiving turkeys. Everybody love this method of food preparation turkeys. I wish they had actually it in the stores here in mine area.
Orange Brine and also Turkey obstacle kit: added outstanding smell - turkey to be moist - straightforward to cut. NO left overs this year! Bones were picked clean. Definite have to for next turkey.
Not sufficient citrus for my taste, too lot rosemary. Imo several an ext flavorful brine mixture on the market.
Used this for the an initial time because that Christmas dinner and also the turkey to be a vast hit. The turkey was extremely moist and also flavorful. Will certainly use this again in the future. Ns did usage Hickory for the pellets and also not the encourage turkey pellets. One of two people way, ns recommend!
The turkey i made utilizing this brine and also rub to be a large hit in ~ Thanksgiving. It would certainly be nicer if the kit consisted of a brining bag.
I brined a turkey for the an initial time ever using the Orange Brine and Turkey rub Kit that I discovered on Traeger's website for Thanksgiving. I fried my turkey in an oil-less turkey fryer and it to be delicious. The turkey skin was crispy and also browned perfectly. The was really tender and my family loved it.
Love this kit, glad to see just the brine offered. Glad i didnt have to buy the entirety kit just for the brine. Renders a great turkey
It really brought out the flavor. If you’re going to smoke a turkey, you should brine. This one walk it.
The turkey rib was just great. I very recommend Traeger rubs if you are using a Traeger grill to chef your turkey.
Love my Trager Pro. Turkey brined for 24 hours. Smoked at 300 until the interior temp got to 165. Turkey to be moist and thoroughly enjoyed. Skin was crispy and yummy. The turkey obstacle imparted a exorbitant flavoring.Would definitely buy again.
This was the finest turkey brine/recipe us have ever used. My family members raved about this year’s Thanksgiving! many thanks Traeger!
Awesome brine and rub!! Turkey turns out an extremely juicy and also delicious!! although the grand Mariner to be a bit expensive
Incredibly moist and also tender turkey - girlfriend can cut with a fork. An excellent flavor. You should sell the Turkey obstacle in larger quantity - the packet consisted of is not sufficient to covering the turkey. However, the Brine and also the Rub mixed with butter and also grand marnier is excellent! very Recommend!!!!! provides cookies to administer a better shopping experience. See our Privacy policy to learn more.

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