Users ~ above the Chinese video clip sharing application space obsessed v the Three tiny Birds sat On My home window TikTok track. Are you curious come know about the sarcastic voice behind this trendy sound track? If yes, climate you have reached the many relevant space. Keep reading and also get come know just how this old sound track reached the perform of famous sound monitor of TikTok. Stick through us!

TikTok content creators never miss out on a opportunity to do the TikTok community smile. This time they have filled the Foryou web page with funny videos special a popular cover the “Put Your records on” in the background. The renowned song “Three small birds sat on mine window” is walk viral for the 2nd time top top this video sharing app. The Ritt Momney cover of this song also went famous on the application last year.

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This time the background track is rather funnier than the ahead version, users space curious to know the voices behind this hilarious sound track. Let’s destruction in deep come discover more about this famous track. Save scrolling!

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What Is Three tiny Birds sat On My window TikTok Song

What Is Three tiny Birds sat On My home window TikTok Song


The latest song that has made its method to the hit songs of tik is “Three tiny Birds satellite On my Window”. Because that the reader who want to know about the voices behind this mimic soundtrack, the is a covering of the track “Put Your records On” by The Chipettes.

For those that don’t understand much about Chipettes, that is a band of 3 animated chipmunks that appeared in miscellaneous movies including Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, Alvin and also the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, and Alvin and the Chipmunks: The roadway Chip. This version is provided for 281k recreating videos and the count is still on.

The initial name of this tune is “Put Your record On”. Exit in 2006, that is sung by Corinne Bailey Rae. Yet it is the Ritt Momney’s variation that made the track go viral on tik initially.

And currently came the cartilage version and it garnered rounds of applaud indigenous the Tok-Community. Countless users have already participated in the trend while continuing to be are enjoying the hilarious content created by the brainy top of TikTok.

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Three small Birds sat On My window Alvin and also The Chipmunks


To readers that are looking for the lyrics of this viral sound track, right here you go!

Three small birds sat on mine window

And lock told me i don’t should worry

Summer came like cinnamon, for this reason sweet

Little girls, double-dutch top top the concrete

Maybe sometimes we obtained it wrong, but it’s every right

The more things appears to change, the more they continue to be the same

Ooh, nothing you hesitate

Girl, placed your records on, tell me her favorite song

You go ahead, let her hair down

Sapphire and also faded jeans

I hope you acquire your dreams

Just go ahead, let your hair down

You’re gonna discover yourself somewhere, somehow

The lyrics that inspires the TikTokers many is “Three small birds satellite on mine window, and also they told me i don’t need to worry. The an ext things seem to change, the much more they remain the same. Ooh, don’t you hesitate. Girl, placed your records on, phone call me your favourite song. You go ahead, let your hair down”

In order to pond the trend, you need to remember the over lyrics by heart. Furthermore, think around a comic idea to accompany through this trendy sound monitor to garner some considerable hearts native the tiktok fam.

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Bottom Line

This to be all around the famed Three tiny Birds satellite On My window TikTok track. Permit us understand in the listed below comment box if you uncovered this write-up useful.