Cannot be special Summoned. Needs 3 Tributes indigenous either side of the ar to common Summon to that side the the ar (cannot be typical Set), then shift control come this card’s owner throughout the finish Phase the the next turn. Can not attack. Your opponent cannot target this card for strikes or by map effects. You deserve to Tribute this card; special Summon 1 “The Winged Dragon that Ra” from her hand or Deck, skip its Summoning conditions, and also if you do, its ATK/DEF end up being 4000.

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Date Reviewed: December 13, 2017

Rating: 2.88

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King ofLullaby

Hello Fans,

The Winged Dragon of Ra – sphere Mode has been a helpful Side Deck and also sometimes a main Deck map for part time.

By far the most basic of the Winged Dragon that Ra monster to one-of-a-kind Summon, girlfriend wipe three monsters turn off your enemies field for a monster lock can’t strike with or target v effects. That is all-but useless to them. Their is a chance that they can use Sphere setting to attach Summon or Tribute Summon, but even if castle do, you have currently gone +2 turn off the tribute. It might take up your regular Summon for the turn, however that is a small price come clear out your opponents field with a monster they can’t use. You obtain your card earlier in the end Phase of the following turn, when you deserve to do everything you want v it. If you operation The Winged Dragon that Ra, you’ll gain a free Ra with 4000 ATK/DEF. This is a an excellent card come take care of ceo monsters your opponent has top top the field, constricting your playability. When tributing Pendulum monster your enemy has might not eliminate them for good, it does take it away choices they have, and also if you destroy their scales, can halt your progress. This card is perfect against aggressive decks that push with much more than three monsters each revolve or handling powerful Link Monsters choose Firewall Dragon, Borreload Dragon, and the upcoming Skulldeat.

If Sphere mode wasn’t able come be supplied for a attach Summon or a Tribute Summon, it would certainly be a spectacular card.

Advanced-3.5/5- Solid next Deck card.Art-5/5

Until next TimeKingofLullaby


I choose it. I favor it due to the fact that it’s a typical Summon. The Winged Dragon of Ra – Sphere mode is a Level 10 magnificent Divine-Beast-type monster with ? Atk and ? Def. It cannot be unique Summoned, and it requires 3 Tributes to regular Summon. The best component is the it have the right to be typical Summoned come either next of the field relying on who has all 3 monsters to tribute. This is better than a Kaiju because that defense due to the fact that it gets rid of an ext monsters and also doesn’t carry out anything useful. That can’t really assault with ? Atk. It can not be Normal set to either side. It can’t be target with effects or by assaults by the opponent. It have the right to however, it is in tributed or offered for Extra Deck Summons. Then it returns to the owner throughout the finish Phase that the following turn. Kaijus don’t perform that. If you take place to operation Ra, you deserve to tribute Sphere setting to distinct Summon Ra while ignoring the summoning conditions. This Ra would have actually 4000 Atk and 4000 Def. The major flaw is the it takes your regular Summon, yet that’s balance. It’s a good side deck card also without Ra. It’s essential if you operation Ra. 

Score: 3/5 Art: 1/5 


The many noteworthy promo for this special Edition is up for review today, and also it is usually a enlarge Kaiju, The Winged Dragon that Ra – sphere Mode.

Sphere setting is like the initial Ra, wherein he cannot be unique Summoned, despite Immortal Phoenix have the right to ignore this clause, yet I doubt many play Immortal Phoenix. It needs 3 tributes on one of two people players ar to summon it to their field, it can not be set. This is a good way come clear the end your opponent’s board of strong monsters, and also all they gain is a 0/0 Sphere. Also it will go back to the owner’s board throughout the next end Phase after he was summoned, so girlfriend will end up through this card. This map cannot attack and also cannot be targeted for assaults or effects. Raigeki can eliminate this, though, kinda not favor a God now is it? Finally, you can tribute this map to summon The Winged Dragon of Ra from her hand or deck skip the summoning problems (in this instance of Ra being unable come be unique Summoned) and Ra will have 4000 ATK and also DEF. If you play round Mode, playing Ra does sound more promising because it will certainly be very strong and it have the right to do part board clearing at the price of 1000 per card. Likewise Ra isn’t favor the other Gods and also he won’t go to the GY the turn he is special Summoned, due to the fact that he has that cannot be distinct Summoned clause that Sphere setting ignores. This map is a good way to out a powerful board, a great side deck option, and can acquire you somewhat of a powerhouse with a 4000 ATK and DEF Ra.

Advanced Rating: 4/5


Since Kaiju monsters have actually existed for part time, little more needs to be said for The Winged Dragon the Ra – sphere Mode. It’s severe card the is for this reason alluring in together a game state. And also perhaps you deserve to just phone call that shortly this will be a vital evil, a monster to turn ago the figurative, or perhaps literal tide.

It currently exists in limbo, as we room not rather to the pinnacle of video game speed to where you have to expect your foe to have actually three monster on the field every time you start your very own turn, yet we’re obtaining there. In the meantime, attach monsters have actually been introduced, and that actually gives the opponent alternatives after the deed’s been done, i beg your pardon was never there before. Therefore a guaranteed -3 to the enemy becomes a -2… but that’s still a -2, and an uncounterable -2 at that.

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What else need to be said? uneven Ra actually gets unifying support to do its own deck, Sphere setting will always be that alternative for truly taking care of extreme monster sirloin threats and nothing more, but it’s heavy-handed and inconsistent, and loses come Kaiju in the end. Yet it additionally does other Kaiju can’t. It will stay in the player’s back-of-the-mind reasoning for part time as long as the is the case.

Advanced: 2/5Future Potential: 3/5

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