The main reason of this error room the resource volume has disk errors, absent ProfileImagePath, AUTOMOUNT is disabled, maker has a twin boot configuration, picture on the resource volume gets turned off or critical services to be turned off.

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So without wasting any kind of time let’s see just how to Fix The system cannot find the file specified Error code 0x80070002 with the help of the below-listed tutorial.

Fix The system cannot discover the record specified Error password 0x80070002

Method 1: solve Disk errors

1. Right-click on home windows Button and select “Command Prompt(Admin).

2. Now type the following command in cmd: Chkdsk /r


3. Allow it automatically fix the error and reboot.

Method 2: Delete the lacking ProfileImagePath.

1. Push Windows vital + R and form “regedit” to open up Registry.


2. Currently navigate come this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionProfileList


3. Increase Profile list and also the an initial 4 profiles should have actually ProfileImagePath value of:



4. If one or an ext of the profile has actually no profile image, climate you have actually missing profiles.

Note: before proceeding forward please backup the registry by choosing “Computer”, climate click File, then Export and also save.


5. Finally, delete the profile in question and also you may be maybe to Fix The mechanism cannot uncover the paper specified Error password 0x80070002 however if no climate continue.

Method 3: allow AUTOMOUNT

The volumes may go offline if AUTOMOUNT is disabled either while making use of a 3rd party storage software program or if the user manually disabled the AUTOMOUNT for the volume. To inspect this type the complying with command after running diskpart in the administrator command prompt

1. Right-click top top the windows button and also select “Command Prompt(Admin).


2. Type DISKPART and also hit enter.


3. Form the complying with commands and hit get in after every one:

DISKPART> automountDISKPART> automount enable


4. Reboot and also the volume will not walk offline.

5. If that doesn’t deal with your problem, climate again open up DISKPART.

6. Kind the complying with commands:

C:>DiskpartC:Diskpart> perform volumeC:Diskpart> choose volume 2 (Only pick 100 MB or mechanism partition from list volumes)C:Diskpart> digital volumeC:Diskpart> exit


7. Reboot your pc to save changes and also check if this Fix The device cannot find the paper specified Error code 0x80070002.

Method 4: Fix dual boot configuration

1. Press Windows crucial + R and form “diskmgmt.msc” to open up disk management.


2. Right-click on the Windows device partition (Which usually is C:) and also select “Mark Partition as Active.


3. Restart to apply changes.

Method 5: rise shadowcopy storage area

Snapshot on the source volume gets turned off while the back-up is in progress as result of a very small shadow copy storage area top top the source.

1. Right-click ~ above the windows button and also select “Command Prompt(Admin).

2. Form the adhering to command in cmd:

vssadmin list shadowstorage


3. If you have very small shadowcopy storage area then kind the adhering to in cmd:

vssadmin resize shadowstorage /For=C: /MaxSize=5%


4. Reboot to apply changes. If that doesn’t resolve your concern again open cmd and also type:

vssadmin delete shadows /all


5. Again Reboot her PC.

Method 6: restore your computer to an earlier time

Do a System Restore and also install a it is registered cleaner software program CCleaner native here.

If nothing functions then Refresh your computer or Reset your PC.

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That’s it, friend have efficiently learned how to Fix The system cannot find the file specified Error password 0x80070002 but if friend still have any type of questions concerning this tutorial climate feel free to ask castle in the comment section.