This tutorial contains instructions to settle the complying with problem, once you shot to join a home windows based computer system to an currently domain: "The specified Domain one of two people Does no Exist or can Not be Contacted".

The error "The mentioned Domain either Does not Exist or might Not be Contacted" typically occurs as result of invalid DNS setups on the workstation"s side, because active directory calls for you to usage domain DNS to occupational properly (and not router"s address).

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How to fix: specified Domain Does not Exist or might Not be Contacted.

Let"s suppose that your energetic Directory Domain Controller (and DNS Server) is a home windows Server 2016 machine and is responsible for the domain "" and also has the IP resolve "".

At this example, the IP and the wanted DNS address on the main Domain Controller (Server 2016) should be the same, e.g.

Primary Domain Controller (Server 2016)
Computer Name:Server2k16
Domain Name:
IP attend to (Static):
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
Preferred DNS Server:
Method 1. Collection the desired DNS Server deal with to enhance the Domain Controller"s IP address (on client Workstation)

To deal with the "Specified Domain Does no Exist or could Not it is in Contacted" error, you have actually to collection the desired DNS IP to suggest to main Domain Controller"s IP address, on each customer workstation the you want to join in the domain. To perform that:

1. open Network and also Sharing Center.2. Right click Local Area Connection and click Properties.3. dual click on Internet Protocol TCP/IPv4.4. adjust the Preferred DNS server resolve to match the primary Domain Controller"s IP deal with (e.g. "" in this example).6. Click OK twice and close all windows.


7. try to sign up with the workstation in the Domain.

Method 2. Point out the WINS Server"s IP deal with on Client.

If your active Directory Domain Controller acts also as a WINS server, then set the WINS IP attend to to allude to WINS Server"s (Primary Domain Controller"s IP address),* top top the customer machine the you desire to sign up with to the Domain. To execute that:

* Note: This an approach works also when the primary Domain Controller does not act as a WINS Server.

1. open up Network and also Sharing Center.2. Right click on Local Area Connection and click Properties.3. double click on Internet Protocol TCP/IPv4.

4. Click the Advanced button.


5. at WINS tab, click Add.


6. type at WINS Server"s IP attend to filed, the IP deal with of the WINS server (e.g. "" in this example) and also click Add.


7. press OK 3 (3) time to apply changes and also close every windows.

8. shot to join the machine in the Domain.

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