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Naofumi can come save me anytime but in this week’s Shield Hero Naofumi and the others still ~ above the run. The past comes earlier to haunt Raphtalia together they take it refuge v a noble acquaintance of Melty’s. The focus has shifted to Raphtalia and also I’ve been waiting to get come know an ext about ours cute racoon girl.

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Japanese original Title: 盾の悪魔


Matly forces Naofumi and the others the end in the open, while tho on the run. They find refuge through a noble acquaintance that Melty’s. Previous creeps up on Raphtalia from she time as a slave and is reunited with those demons from she nightmares.

Episode Highlights

Gutsy Girl: Noble Melty when again proves that she is no damsel in distress wait to it is in saved. She lied about Naofumi’s whereabouts to safeguard him. The girl has gained guts. Nothing however respect over here and my heart is melted in a puddle because that this pigtail cutie.

Pig: More introductions of the aristocracy scum. This time we have actually Raiber. Next episode we go into Raphtalia’s past and it’s a insurance that I’m going to hate Raiber even more than I already do. Damages your love seeing the painful look at on Raphtaila’s confront the entirety time.

Believe In Her: Naofumi comes all in a gallantry enntrance gate to save Melty and also finally decides to believe in Melty’s faith towards him. Melty’s belief for Naofumi is simply endearing. Exactly how levelly tires she is compared to her evil sister; it provides her all the more so cute.

Friendship: The quick connection Melty and Filo have constructed together is every the cuteness. Can’t handle these cuties Naofumi has roughly him and I don’t think the realizes how happy he is.

Tactful: Naofumi knows exactly how to make fast work of obtaining things done now, together he demonstrated by making use of his viper shield and also poisoning the knight come tell him whereby Melty is being hidden. Naofumi’s attraction levels are climbing fast, oh dear.

Themes and also Trivia

Previous Shield Hero: Another scene through King Melromarc expressing his dislike for the Shield Hero. This argues the possibility that a previous Shield Hero did something to cause this existing hatred.

Raphtalia: Raphtalia is a priceless character you desire to protect and also I’ve been waiting for more backstory. She is a cutie no inquiry here, but I am glad she is the focus now. Most likely will love her even more. I’m beyond invested in this series and I desire to obtain to understand these personalities I’ve come to love therefore much. Backstory is so crucial to me in stories and I think all main characters should be cure to one.

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Things flowed in ~ a slower pace in this week’s episode and that’s all an excellent for me. Ns love that the focus is gift shifted to Raphtalia. I’ve to be dying to know how she wound up as a slave. Ns invested in this characters and want to know even more. I don’t desire Raphtalia’s cuteness to be the just reason in liking she character. I’m really excited for next episode now and possibly might melted a tear.

Naofumi proceeds to amaze me every episode. The man is nothing favor he was on in ~ the start. He is a masculine favorite because that me now for life. Ns gush around him every day and also let alone this totality series. Deserve to you tell exactly how invested ns am in this series?

Melty Knows just how To Melt her Heart

Another week, another great episode. I’m excited and also to learn much more about Raphtalia’s past so I deserve to love she character even more. Yet no way it’s going to it is in a happy episode. Need to wait until next episode to uncover out Raphtalia’s past demons and also trauma!

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