After critical week’s bombshell (no pun intended), once Phaedra’s former customer supposedly confirmed up to her office v a hand grenade, it’s time to obtain down to company on what really happened. Thankfully, Bravo just how anxious we all were and also put the after-effects right in ~ the optimal of tonight’s episode. Unfortunately, if Phaedra thought a bomb risk would be the hardest attempt of the year, she plainly underestimated Mama Joyce and also her obsessive emphasis on uncovering the fact behind Phaedra’s divorce.

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When us last witnessed Phaedra, she was visiting Apollo in prison, reeling native the phone speak to of a bomb threat at her legislation office. In a strange twist of events, we quickly learn there to be not a bomb, however rather a misunderstanding. Apparently, the rapper “Drama Drama” was the supposed culprit who walked right into the dorn office through a package, questioning to talk to Phaedra. He had some music to play and kept speak it to be “bomb,” which as Phaedra puts it, is the wrong thing to say as a black guy in a room full of conservative white people. In turn, they took it together a bomb threat and also the media got hold of onto the njamesmerse.coms, touting a hand grenade together the real surprise item in the package. So, that course, Phaedra is mortified because that her friend and client to be charged v this crime, and she describes it away through as plenty of press as she can. Situation averted!

Unfortunately for Kenya, she drama with Matt isn’t walking to acquire fixed so easily. ~ ditching his very own birthday party critical week, Matt tho isn’t providing Kenya the time of day, sticking roughly California a tad little longer to avoid talking to his girlfriend. Cynthia stop by Kenya’s residence to get the scoop, whereby Kenya division down and also asks her girlfriend if she think she’ll ever uncover true love. The course, Cynthia is concerned Matt is an ext than just flaky and childish, since he often tends to lash the end in situations that have to not change the ladder as conveniently as he lets them. Instead of hear to she friend’s warnings, Kenya pushes through, continually do the efforts to speak to Matt to if they have the right to repair their shattered relationship.

How about some an excellent njamesmerse.coms? Kandi and also Todd’s Old Lady corridor restaurant is yes, really coming follow me — other than for the absent ceiling fans and lack the décor. Kandi’s biggest issue at this allude is getting the whole place up and also running quickly. Your liquor license must be instated in ~ a specific time frame, and with several more weeks top top the building schedule, the pair might need to go over spending plan to reapply because that the forced paperwork. Rather of letting it bring her down, Kandi decides to have actually a tasting party because that the other ladies, right in the restaurant’s unfinished kitchen.

Dreams may be obtaining bigger through the restaurant, but on the other side the the ATL, Porsha’s dream of beginning a family is looking favor a possibility. Currently that she’s a solitary lady and working on her own, she’s all set to buy a house, settle down, and get some kids in she life. She already has a good candidate because that a father in she old flame, Todd Stjamesmerse.comart. (No relation to Porsha’s ex-hubby, cordell Stjamesmerse.comart.) The man used to make it clear how much that cared for Porsha, even telling her “You’re marrying the dorn Stjamesmerse.comart” on her wedding day. Though he has two children of his own, Porsha feeling this is a good sign he would be a good man to begin a family with, even declaring to she mom and also sister that she’s all set to settle down v him. The girl to know what she wants and is prepared to snag it!

With just Kandi and also Todd’s marital relationship as the totally intact example, it appears everyone else’s love stays are dropping choose flies. Phaedra speak her mother the divorce is moving together with Apollo after he had actually cold feet because that a while, however a surprise third party is now investing her energy into see what have the right to be done to move along the process. In a hilarious and also perfectly shady moment, Mama Joyce visits a divorce lawyer, dressed favor Carmen Sandiego. Why? The nosey mama wants to make certain Phaedra to know a divorce deserve to still go with while one party is in prison. Friend know, since Phaedra probably didn’t recognize that already. Oh, and don’t worry, Mama Joyce provides sure to let Phaedra know what she learned from her spy mission. Let’s acquire to the food tasting.

Despite the unfinished significance of the restaurant, Kandi puts with each other a cute dinner for her friends, complete with every the goodies the OLG has actually cooked up. Fried chicken, collard greens, 2 kinds the cake, and bananas foster pudding are simply a of the delights. Next from the pleasantry, the company proves to be the specific opposite. Right once Shereé and Kenya sit down to eat, Shereé shares with Mama Joyce the Kenya dubbed her hair an “old, tired Mama Joyce wig,” i m sorry Kenya attempts come laugh off together Joyce stares daggers right into her. “She was copying you and I was trying to speak to her out,” says Kenya in defense, however Joyce gives a cracked “Mmm hmm” to let her recognize she has her number.

Then Phaedra comes into the lion’s den, thinking it’s all about the food, but again, she wasn’t all set for Joyce. Pulling Phaedra aside, Joyce oddly speak her, “I’m so sorry to hear your divorce hasn’t unable to do through.” Phaedra just stands over there dumbfounded, yet Kandi to know her mom is approximately some shady business, therefore she pops end to separation them up.

With the slap in the face, Phaedra defines what occurred with the grenade, assuring anyone it wasn’t as bad as the media make it out to be. “I heard he was gonna blow you the f—k up,” Mama Joyce says not once, but three times! Phaedra is currently showing her agitation with all the underhanded attacks, telling Joyce she spoke to landscape Security and there to be nothing come worry about regarding a future threat. Trying to lighten the mood, Shereé asks Kandi exactly how things have actually been going v Block. Really, Shereé? This is reportedly her way of maintaining things fun, but bringing increase an old baby daddy who has actually done nothing however ignore his own child because that 13 years doesn’t seem like the ideal segue.



“I’m worried now,” states Cynthia, urging Kenya to ultimately let Matt go. In a moment of silence, Kenya contemplates this however ultimately decides to let Matt re-superstructure his next of the story. Matt returns to the house, sober this time, and Kenya tries to tell the why she can’t take him ago so easily. Matt refuses to recognize the cameras roughly them, clearly showing his disdain because that the show and how it spotlights his behavior. Also though he to be the one that acted a fool, Matt tho tries come blame what taken place on Kenya and also her constant digs in ~ him.

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Attempting to lastly stand she ground, Kenya pressures Matt come leave and also asks the he doesn’t return or reach the end again till he acts like a man. Also though she took care of the this time, Kenya says she’s fear he could physically injury her one day, which must hopefully prompt her to get out indefinitely. Based on previjamesmerse.coms for next week, we’re taking a rest from this domestic conflict to jump earlier into Kandi and also Phaedra’s broken relationship. The looks choose Mama Joyce’s meddling has ultimately gotten to Phaedra, and she’s going to let Kandi understand the extent of she anger.