That was among the an ext pressing inquiries on The genuine Housewives the Atlanta Season 9 illustration 17. 

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When the episode obtained underway, the 2 women played tennis and also acted favor all was right in between them. It to be a nice change from their persistent bickering. 

At one point, they compared themselves to the Williams sisters. We"re not also kidding. 

We then switched gears come Cynthia Bailey dealing with her soon-to-be-ex-husband through some room service. Apparently, he take it a loss while in Maui and hurt himself actual bad. 


Peter was quick to allude out that it feeling odd being in the exact same hotel, but different rooms. After that little nugget, Cynthia evidenced to the camera that she had actually no qualms around giving Peter sex to do him feeling better. 

But she made decision to go with offering him a Bible. 

Peter then decided to uncover out whether his former flame was seeing anyone at the moment. She evidenced that she was not, but had every on purpose of finding someone else. 

Peter appeared upset, however Cynthia revealed that she assumed she to be the one who failed the marriage. 

Later the night, everyone roasted Peter because that his birthday and also not in the means he would probably have liked to. Everyone appeared to gain it, however you could tell there was still animosity between Sheree and Bob. 

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Somehow, Cynthia could not to speak anything bad about her previous flame. She tho cared about him very much. 

On a boat ride, Bob do the efforts to make thing best with Sheree. 

"I wanted to apologize," that said.

"You don"t even see something wrong v you leaving and not call the home for six months," Sheree replied.

"And then once you talked around you witnessed me without my seatbelt, and you want to slam on the brakes and eject me native the car. Come put injury on me, or death. It"s abuse. It"s mental abuse and then for you to do a hoax of it — it"s just been favor that the whole time."

Sheree even went as much as saying that his claims about being a readjusted man to be false and then Bob walk on the offensive. 

"You desire me to bleed myself ideal here? to slit my f--king wrists so you recognize I"m serious?"

Sheree said she simply wanted him come agree that what that did to be wrong, prior to telling the cameras the connection was over. 

"As far as he and also I, it"s over, ns feel choose I"m finally getting closure on that component of mine life."

Later, Kenya thought it would certainly be a an excellent idea to celebrate Cynthia and also Phaedra obtaining divorces and threw a party. Together you have the right to probably expect, both women were not impressed. 

Phaedra make a swift getaway, and Porsha read a message that Phaedra had sent to she after it. 

"I"m good, however I"m appalled the they would think that the breakup of a family members is the reason for celebration and also with the host being the trifling woman that was text massage my husband -- disgusting and also disgraceful," Porsha read.

Porsha climate made her way to Phaedra"s hotel room to inspect everything was okay. 

"I called you not to get close to that heifer," Porsha claimed of Kenya, however Kenya showed up at the door prior to Porsha could procedure what to be said.