Over the years, our Lady has actually asked united state to do numerous things and guided us action by action in ours walk of conversion with Her jamesmerse.com messages. She also tells us what to read. Our Lady has actually specifically stated three points for us to read:


The Bible:

“Dear children! put Sacred bible in a visible place in your family and also read it…” January 25, 2007


2. Her Messages:

“…Therefore, small children, read every day the message I offered you and transform them right into life…” December 25, 1989


3. The book, The city of the Man-God, by Maria Valtorta:

1982-1983jamesmerse.com visionary Marija (Pavlovic) Lunetti went before Our Lady on instead of of a seminarian and asked the question: “Was it it s okay to check out the publication The city of the Man-God?” Marija relayed the Our Lady affirmed the was okay by answering:

“You have the right to read them.”1




A friend of jamesmerse.com’s letter is component of Church background and opened up up for the whole people the liberty to check out The Poem of the Man-God. Bishop Boland climate instructed a friend of jamesmerse.com to ar the complying with statement in whatever literature about The Poem of the Man-God Caritas dispersed going forward.

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The ‘visions’ and also ‘dictations’ referred to in the work, The poem of the Man-God, are simply the literary develops used by the writer to narrate in her own means the life that Jesus. They cannot be thought about supernatural in origin.


After Bishop Boland spoke v Cardinal Ratzinger, Bishop Boland told a friend of jamesmerse.com that Cardinal Ratzinger sent his letter come the holy See (Pope john Paul II), who then sent out it come the Italian Bishop’s Conference, who gave the ruling, sending it back to the divine See, back to Cardinal Ratzinger, who sent out the letter back to Bishop Boland to call Caritas’ founder. V this letter indigenous Cardinal Ratzinger, the matter was settled, together the response plainly stated that people can read, publish, and also distribute the book as long as the requirement noted was adhered to. The referee from the holy See through Cardinal Ratzinger and also the Italian Bishop’s Conference remains in force today together the many recent judgment of the Church on The poem of the Man-God.


God is simple. Our Lady is simple. And the instance of The poem of the Man-God is very straightforward as well. If friend claim belief in the apparitions of jamesmerse.com, then you must think what our Lady has said. Otherwise, together a girlfriend of jamesmerse.com says, you room an atheist in regards come the apparitions of jamesmerse.com. You space not a true believer. A true believer in our Lady’s apparitions can reason the following.


1. I think in jamesmerse.com.

2. Our Lady of jamesmerse.com said one should read The Poem the the Man-God.

3. Therefore I believe Our Lady and also have no reservations around reading and promoting The Poem of the Man-God.

4. And lastly, how might Maria Valtorta be buried inside the Basilica the the Most holy Annunciation in Florence, Italy, if she writings are condemned?


When perceived in this manner, the situation for The city of the Man-God becomes conveniently discernable. Though some feared Caritas’ founder was putting jamesmerse.com top top the heat by pushing the Vatican come re-visit the decision made on The poem of the Man-God, in reality, he broke open for the world, The poem of the Man-God gift freed to be read.


The Basilica the the Most holy Annunciation in Florence, Italy, where Maria Valtorta’s mortal remains were transferred in 1973. Her tomb is still venerated there today.


The retention that the list’s moral pressure has been something that adversaries to The poem of the Man-God have actually clung strictly to, yet Cardinal Ottaviani clarifies the an interpretation and level of the retention of moral force really plainly. In reading the above statement, it is clear, Cardinal Ottaviani is not saying the all the publications on the perform at the time of abrogation have to still be thought about forbidden, yet rather that the expertise of the list’s previous visibility is a reminder come Christians that they need to naturally beware that reading any kind of past or future material that can endanger their confidence or morals. Check out his words several times if that is no clear to you, and also it will come to be clear.


In 1994, Pope man Paul II initiated the beatification process for an open up supporter that The city of the Man-God, Fr. Gabriel Allegra. In 2002, the decree of Fr. Gabriel’s beatification to be officially proclaimed. Fr. Gabriel had this to say about The city of the Man-God:


“I guarantee you the The city of the Man-God extremely surpasses any type of descriptions — I do not say of mine, since I carry out not know exactly how to write — but of any kind of other writer … I organize that the job-related demands a mythological origin. …I find in she doctrine: and doctrine such as is sure; it embraces nearly all areas of revelation. …Gifts of nature and mystical gifts harmoniously joined together describe this masterpiece the Italian spiritual literature, and perhaps I should say this masterpiece of literature of the Christian world.”


Also in 2002, the Titular Bishop the Nyssa, Bishop roman Danylak, approve a written Nihil Obstat, Imprimatur because that The city of the Man-God.


Some other additional information the supports The Poem that the Man-God follows:

What the jamesmerse.com visionaries have actually said:

Marija (Pavlovic) Lunetti: “Our Lady states The Poem of the Man-God is the truth.” 6

Vicka Ivankovic – “Our Lady said if a human wants to understand Jesus he have to read The Poem that the Man-God by Maria Valtorta. That publication is the truth.”7

The character of Maria Valtorta:


Accounts the Valtorta’s life, especially during the period of authoring The city of the Man-God, indicate she led a devout life and also fruitfully withstood the sufferings of she physical problem in a Christ-like manner.


As currently mentioned, Maria Valtorta is hidden inside the Basilica that the Most divine Annunciation in the city of Florence, Italy. If the books are condemned, how could she be buried in a Catholic Basilica?


The writings themselves:


Nothing has ever been set forth official by the Church that the writings contain anything the contravenes the teachings that the Church or faith and also morals. In addition, the works exhibit an accuracy, clarity, and also understanding of points theological, spiritual, and also scientific, that provided her state in life and physical location, Maria Valtorta would certainly not have known or understood without the existence of superordinary aid.

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The devil Hates The city of the Man-God


There is a an extensive amount of extr “detail” out there about the background of the conflict surrounding The poem of the Man-God for the one who desires to delve even further right into these details. It may be of advantage or personal interest to some readers come do additional research. If you go more into this details, together you may have obtained a taste indigenous the brief background above, you will quickly discover the dispute is so full of a multiplicity that words, arguments, debates, points and counterpoints, a volume that complications the keep human being arguing about this or that. Satan is the writer of division and desires this department to continue. Our Lady stated on February 14, 1982:


“… carry out not argue. Satan exists! the seeks only to destroy…”


God, ~ above the various other hand, is simple. That told us Who that is in simply two native – “I AM.” our Lady go the same. That is God? “God is love!…” Our Lady Queen of Peace, jamesmerse.com, march 2, 2006.


The city of the Man-God – the Church permits it…Our Lady claimed it…you have the right to read it. NO ONE deserve to tell you that you cannot!

jamesmerse.comCaritas of BirminghamOperated through the community of Caritas





1. A friend of jamesmerse.com shown very plainly on several occasions v visionary Marija (Pavlovic) Lunetti, the according come Our Lady it was acceptable for human being to review The poem of the Man-God. For years, the only details he had the ability to obtain around the message Our Lady gave in response to the seminarian was that Her response was, “Yes. It provides for good reading.” In 2011, however, discussing this article with one that was part of the prayer group with Marija, it was revealed that Our Lady’s actual an answer was much, much stronger. The actual solution from our Lady, as regarded him through the one that joined Marija’s prayer group frequently in the at an early stage days, was, “One need to read them.” A girlfriend of jamesmerse.com’s job-related with ours Lady’s messages has been just one of an ongoing effort to ensure that the pure translation of ours Lady’s messages room preserved, follow to the need of our Lady Herself,