The Middle has never to be a display to shy away from the harsh realities that life, therefore this week’s episode is no different.  Axl it s okay a taste of the real people as that starts his new internship, i m sorry contrasts perfectly through Frankie’s very own subpar week in ~ work.  As Mike later on points out, those two have a entirety lot an ext in usual than they realize.

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Axl landing an internship at the regional snack cake company, and also let’s just say it’s a an excellent thing he’s tho got another year and also a half left in college.  He easily learns that office work-related is simply that: work.  Free work, in ~ that.  Full the menial tasks like acquiring coffee, choose up dried cleaning, and also applying the buss’ bird’s target medicine.  All the this wipes that out and also he can’t assist but complain to his household every night.  He tries come blame his parents because that encouraging that to follow his desires as a kid yet only to a point.  Now the he’s dipping his toes right into the genuine world, the sees adult life isn’t glamorous.

If there’s one thing Axl can take away from all this, it’s that he’s no alone.  For his entire life he’s seen his mom work her unlimited list of tasks on height of being a full-time mother.  She still managed to keep rapid food top top the table every night for the family so he knows that hard work payment off.  Now the they both recognize what he’s in for, at the very least Frankie and Axl will have actually each various other to cry to.

Mike for this reason astutely pointed out to Frankie the she’s the best whiner in the family.  He swears he never takes his work home with him, also when his foot it s okay steamrolled and also he still has actually black toes come prove it.  That heat cracked me up due to the fact that it’s so true to his stoic character.  Frankie constantly finds something come complain about, even if it is it to be at Ehlert electric motors or her more recent dentist office position.  In she defense, she does have actually a lot of to attend to now that the office is therefore high-tech the it’s actually slowing she down fairly than helping productivity.

Brick essential his dad’s help to manage relationship troubles with his girlfriend.  For everything reason, Cindy chose she can trust Mike to execute all the dirty work and also deliver the bad news come Brick that she kissed another boy.  Mike really has no idea what come do various other than push Brick to talk to she himself.  The only thing I will certainly say about this storyline is that Mike more than likely should have had that nice father-son talk through Brick before he determined that paying Cindy $10 would certainly fix any type of future problems.  Oh well, he’ll live and learn.  Such is life.

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A professor really pushed Sue to crack open her “rainbows and also unicorns” outlook on life.  He was slightly successful, yet for the best.  I would certainly hate to watch Sue become so jaded all since one person didn’t agree v or understand her personality.  The reality that she knows her way of reasoning is unique yet still chooses to adopt it is sweet.  She’ll never come to be the angry tree-hugger activist however maybe she’ll in ~ least have actually an simpler time relating to others who space so different from her.  That’s a skill that will certainly come in handy the remainder of she life.