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I really desire a tattoo speak "The mr is my Shepherd." I believed I placed a rotate on it and put it in Latin. Ns will have actually this on my rib cage (ouch i know)! So exactly how do girlfriend say the in Latin or for funny German? ns really desire some point that support my love the GSD but likewise my Christian beliefs. Do any of you have actually tattoos in another language? If you carry out what does that say? open to thoughts and also suggestions. thanks!

Very cool idea. No reservation if that is correct, yet I replicated the below from among those digital translators. Maybe a smart human being will chime in. LOL!Dominus mihi pastor

German:Der Herr ist mein Hirte I"d just have it in English!Or really spin it~ The Shepherd is mine Lord
Jane~Kept by Gambit zu Treuen HandenGuinness auf der Marquis...Karlo son!Always in my heartKarlo aka Gideon vom Wildhaus :halogsd: 3.02.09~12.03.18Kacie :halogsd: 7.21.05-5.01.15 Onyx :halogsd: 11.08.06-9.28.18


I like both translations!!I"m leaning much more toward the German translation. Ns really choose it stating the mr is constantly watching end me. Additionally from my see my shepherds are watching over me. Even when they aren"t through me...
Don"t obtain a tatto based on an virtual translator... I"d email a latin teacher (or two) native a univeristy. I am sure they would certainly be happy to provide you the most accurate translation.If i dug out my old latin publication I can probably give you one... But I don"t want to be responsible because that an untrue tattoo! haha
Or: Latin Vulgate Bible, publication Of Psalms Psalm 23\Edit: the is actually sort of difficult to parse through
Don"t obtain a tatto based upon an digital translator... I"d email a latin teacher (or two) indigenous a univeristy. Ns am sure they would be happy to give you the most accurate translation.
Strongly, strong agree v this. If you desire German, talk to a native speaker or two. If you desire Latin, talk to someone that teaches it. Friend don"t desire to go off an virtual translator and also end up through something stupid tattooed on your body.

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Strongly, strongly agree through this. If you desire German, speak to a native speaker or two. If you desire Latin, speak to someone that teaches it. Girlfriend don"t desire to go off an online translator and also end up with something stupid tattooed on her body.
The German posted above is exactly - Der Herr ist mein Hirte.If ns were to interpret the Latin, I would certainly translate, "Dominus minister meus est." Literally. For a many sayings, the "est" (which is Latin because that "he is") would be left out, for this reason you might do "Dominus pastor meus."
I 3rd the translation and also making sure it is right. Much more so if that is a tattoo!! There can be some forums that you deserve to go to and also talk come people. I have actually a Gaelic one ns go to and if you ask for a translate into on miscellaneous the rule is to wait till you get at *least* three confirmed. (dialects differ)I speak no German no one Latin so i am no aid there. Looks like you have actually the German already though. What around a college close to you? maybe there is who there that teaches it?These are going to it is in the words because that my following tattoo (not the English versions) and also to top it off they will additionally be composed in the Ogham.Ogham alphabetAn Spiorad - Treorann séSpirit - that guidesAn Tine - Loisceann síFire - it consumesAn Talamh - Talmhaíonn séEarth - it groundsAn tAer - Spreagann séAir - the inspiresAn tUisce - Íonaíonn séWater - that purifies