Disney: 5 Saddest (& 5 Funniest) moments In The little Mermaid Disney"s The little Mermaid is responsible for these funniest and also saddest moments.

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ariel to brush hair through fork in small mermaid
The Little Mermaid is a classic animated film from Disney, which to be released in 1989. It concentrated on Ariel, a mermaid princess that wanted to be and who fell in love with a human. The characters, the sidekicks, the villain, the songs, the romance, the happily ever before after… every one of this and an ext have assisted this story go down in history.

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While every Disney princess movie has the same core elements, each one is unique, made up of scenes that room either funny, sad, inspiring, scary or swoon-worthy. And also while The small Mermaid has actually so numerous memorable moments, the does have hilarious and tear-inducing scenes, together well.

Disney tiny Mermaid King Triton Ariel Grotto
when the story begins, Ariel is obsessed through life ~ above land and also all the comes v that. She also has a grotto to fill with points that once belonged come humans. However, she father, King Triton, and also his advisor, Sebastian, are always telling Ariel just how dangerous humans deserve to be.

So when this king uncovered out that his daughter had met and fallen for a man who did no live under the sea, he to be furious. The busted right into Ariel’s space, yelled at her and also destroyed every one of it.

9 Funniest: Sebastian getting Nervous approximately The King

Sebastian and triton in The tiny Mermaid
due to the fact that this is a household friendly cartoon movie, there space plenty that comedic parts, to comprise for any and also all sad and scary ones. For instance, before King Triton destroys Ariel’s grotto, he has actually an interesting conversation through Sebastian.

See, Triton uncovered out the Ariel had a crush, yet he simply assumed it was on a merman. So throughout this discussion, Triton is playful, when Sebastian is supervisor nervous… therefore nervous the he ends up spilling whatever to the king, which did no go over well.

in ~ this point, Ariel is hurt and heartbroken, and that is once Ursula, in addition to her sidekicks called Flotsam and also Jetsam, swoops in and takes benefit of her. She promises to rotate the princess into a person for three days… in exchange because that Ariel"s voice.

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This key character wanted to be, well, where the civilization were an ext than anything, so this absolutely appealed come her. She knew the Ursula seemed perhaps sketchy and also untrustworthy, however she went through with the anyway.

7 Funniest: Ursula make the efforts To do Ariel feeling Better

Ursula in The small Mermaid
To fully convince Ariel to make the trade and also take the deal, Ursula sang a song. And when Ariel questioned exactly how she would obtain by without her voice, the sea witch Ursula replied: “You"ll have actually your looks, her pretty face, and also don"t underestimate the prestige of human body language!”

as soon as Ariel, in human form, and Eric satisfy again, there is hope...until Vanessa shows up; Ursula wanted to make sure that they walk not fall in love and kiss, so she disguised herself together a woman named Vanessa. She even uses Ariel’s voice come sing, convincing Eric that she is the one who conserved him! points escalate, and also two space to it is in married the following day.

5 Funniest: Scuttle Taking treatment Of Vanessa

Thankfully, prior to Vanessa and also Eric bound the knot, Ariel’s friends established what was going on and stepped in to save the day. In particular, Scuttle, a seagull who thought about himself to it is in an expert on all things humans, assaulted Vanessa!

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Seeing her scared and also frazzled, all because of this silly bird, to be priceless.

numerous excitement complied with this scene, an extremely quickly and beginning through Ariel obtaining her voice earlier then turning back into a mermaid. Ursula changes earlier to her normal self, together well, and also drags Ariel right into the ocean. By this point, King Triton had actually arrived, and also in bespeak to save his daughter, the sacrificed his trident and also himself: Ursula made the a polyp.

3 Funniest: Flounder Teasing Glut

This is just one of the strongest and most noteworthy Disney villains, therefore she led to some much more damage within this story. Before covering all of that, though, let’s focus on part comedic relief…

Flounder is a cute, supportive and amazing sidekick, and also even though he might be a little nervous, he adhered to Ariel ~ above adventures, including into a sunken shipwreck. In ~ this shipwreck, the two met a shark named Glut who virtually ate them. Ariel saved Flounder, though, causing this little fish come tease Glut...and climate to conveniently swim away, after the shark snap one an ext time!

Okay, back to the danger...With the king in polyp form and Ursula having actually his trident, she is in control. She attempts to take the end Prince Eric, she coincidentally kills she pets, and also she gets more upset 보다 ever.

That being said, one of the saddest and also scariest scenes to be watching Ursula grow and create a storm.

1 Funniest: Scuttle’s surname & Ariel’s uses For everyday Objects

Despite any less-than-ideal moment in this lovely film, there is the reality that Ariel had constantly been fascinated by person objects. She would discover them and take them to Scuttle, and also he would certainly tell her that a fork to be a dinglehopper for to brush hair and that a pipe was a snarfblatt for making music.

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There are then scene that show this Disney princess trying it every out, together she even brushes her hair through a fork, while sitting under to eat a fancy meal with Eric!

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