"Shall us drink come the lady with the white shoes?" Bill, the second host ever to it is in built, asked together he toasted his creator in the collection premiere the Westworld. And also with a an easy turn of phrase, Westworld theories around the lady v the white shoes started. When you more than likely had enough to think around after watching HBO"s expansive work again, please again of the 1973 Michael Crichton movie of the very same name, some people may have actually noticed the outdated organize repeating a line around a lady with white pair of shoes to teacher Anthony Hopkins" Dr. Robert Ford. As Westworld is certain to unveil secrets of the amusement park world and beyond, it"s anyone"s guess: v right currently if Bill"s heat was just the ramblings of an old man android or if the will have a deeper definition as the an initial season of Westworld continues to unfold.

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If you need a refresher the the step I"m introduce to, Westworld employee Bernard Lowe and Ashley Stubbs had actually come throughout the creator that the park, Ford, drink with among his older cowboy creations. Together they approached, Bill"s voice might be heard saying:

"Here"s come the lady with the white shoes. Take all her money, drink all her booze. Ain"t got a cherry, the ain"t no sin. She"s still gained the box that the cherry come in."

Oh-ho, those Wild West males sure know exactly how to compliment a woman as this crude oil cheers shows. Afterward, the pair that creator and android continued to slug under the shots through Bill repeating phrases from his better Westworld work like, "The old coffin varnish" and "They don"t do them favor they used to." and because the that, my drinking buddies, I"m right here to offer the slightly disappointing interpretation that Bill"s "lady v the white shoes" might not have any deeper meaning beyond it supplying a juxtaposition of how much Ford"s androids have actually come.

The saying the Bill describes twice is actually a sports of a decades-old toast, according to the Los Angeles Times. As with Ford had actually to enter the bowels of his creations to destruction out old Bill, i scoured the depth of the web to discover the beginnings of Bill"s toasts. And also yes, Bill"s off-color line about a lady and her euphemistic cherry is indeed a known toast. The one major difference being that many of the execution of this cheers the I found had the lady in red shoes — no white ones.

I uncovered variations the this toast (most the moment it"s a "girl" v "little red shoes") quoted ~ above Shots native the Bartender blog, the Insultants blog, eBaum"s World, and also Cheezburger (I told you I entered the belly of the internet beast). Two an ext variations also exist in the publication Toasts because that Every chance , but they referral a "girl in the high switch shoes" (that seems specifically appropriate because that Westworld) and also a "girl in the tiny green shoes." only one website, MetaFilter, had actually the toast use "white shoes" and also the person who posted that version declared it was a toast that was "especially good at weddings." (Errr, not so much unless you desire to be punched by the bride.)

While that is intriguing the Bill supplies "white shoes" because that his drinking toast once it doesn"t it seems ~ to be the standard phrasing, ns am still inclined to think that Bill"s visibility was an ext of an example to show how much the hosts have actually come end the years because of upgrades. Ford said the older hosts prefer Bill to be discontinued since of your glitches and penchant for repeating themselves and it"s in stark comparison to Evan Rachel Wood"s Dolores — the original organize who motivated the premiere episode"s title. She has been maybe to be upgraded throughout the years, but Bill is native a i delivered era that Westworld.

Considering the second host must have actually known the initial host, if Bill"s words do have a covert meaning, then there is one apparent front-runnner because that the lady he might be introduce to — Dolores. Although, it have to be stated that Wood"s character Dolores has absolutely not been wearing white shoes together of yet together this photo below shows.


Vulture"s theorizing the the inquiry of who is the lady in the white pair of shoes was:

"Is it Dolores? Perhaps. Is it simply a meaningless fragment that Old Bill"s previous life? can be. But it"s precious bearing in mind your age: invoice was the park"s 2nd host, Dolores the first. In Westworld"s Garden that Eden, there"d it is in no Adam without Eve. And also Dr. Ford may wind up reaping what he sowed."

This idea that Westworld experimenting the relationship of the original hosts certainly has part potential together Dolores may start forming memories and also becoming an ext mindful of what she truly is. And also in that way, Bill"s toasts might not simply be mechanical responses, yet a hint about Dolores — or also an entirely various character the hasn"t been introduced yet.

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Since ns in no means intend to underestimate Westworld due to the fact that I feeling confident the the series will proceed to subvert my expectations choose the premiere did, I will certainly concede the wouldn"t be wholly surprising if the lady v the white pair of shoes did end up being a reference to miscellaneous else. Yet, through the series having so many other inquiries to answer, don"t be also disappointed if Bill"s toast is nothing more than a relic the the previous — just like he is.