Drizzy begs an old flame to store waiting around for him and also tries to insurance claim a totality season because that himself(This song likewise features vocals from constant collaborator, The Weeknd)

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Oh yeahOh yeah, oh yeah, ohOh yeah, oh yeah, ohSummer's mineI make an oath I said it about a hundred times, I'ma need it backWish the you would certainly come and find meJust to tell me that i haven't changed, girl, I essential that from youI'm gettin' money just taking care of me, girlI'm spendin' time simply taking care of me right nowI'm gettin' money just taking treatment of me, girl'Cause you'd be exhausted of taking care of me by nowOoh, ooh-oh, oohBut the an excellent ones goThe good ones go, if you wait as well longBut the great ones goThe good ones go, if you wait as well longSo you have to goYou must go, before you stay too long
But don't friend go obtaining married, don't you go acquire engagedI understand you're acquiring older, don't have no time come wasteI shouldn't be much longer however you shouldn't need to waitCan't lose you, can't help it, I'm so sorry, I'm so selfishUh, uh, I've been chillin' in the city where the money's thrown high and the girls acquire downIn case you began to wonder why my new shit's sound so H-TownBut as soon as it's every done, baby, I'm her if you're still aroundShe knows, she knows, she knowsOoh, ooh-oh, oohBut the an excellent ones goThe good ones go, if you wait as well longBut the an excellent ones goThe an excellent ones go, if girlfriend wait too longSo you should goYou must go, before you remain too long
Drizzy begs one old fire to store waiting roughly for him and also tries to claim a totality season for himself

(This song also features vocals from frequent collaborator, The Weeknd)


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