Raymond Lee Jennings is the topic of one more episode of Dateline NBC. Back in 2015, jamesmerse.com brought you the story of Michelle O"Keefe, a California teenager who was uncovered murdered in her vehicle 16 year ago. Dateline"s initial episode ~ above the story titled, "The Girl In The Blue Mustang," left viewers asking an ext questions than there to be answers. It took investigators year to deal with the case, and also the Dateline episode ended with the conviction the Raymond Lee Jennings. However the story didn"t finish there. In Friday night"s update episode title "The guy Who Knew also Much," the story that Jeffrey Isaac Ehrlich"s link to the situation will it is in revealed, and also how his link led come the relax of Raymond Lee Jennings.

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Dateline NBC: "The man Who Knew as well Much"

Dateline NBC"s coverage begins with the 2000 fatality of 18-year-old Michelle O"Keefe, who was found dead in her favorite car, a blue mustang. The college student had been shooting multiple times and also seemed to have actually been a victim of a botched carjacking. But police didn"t have evidence to prove the theory. Their investigation at some point led them come Raymond Lee Jennings, who operated as a defense guard in the parking lot, where O"Keefe was found, according to the LA Times.

His arrest to be based solely on the fact that he seemed to understand too much around the murder. Jennings" fate was additionally sealed after a pointer from psychic Sylvia Browne, who stated that a uniformed male named Lee walk it, additionally seemed to heat up.


Jennings has actually gone come trial 3 times. The an initial two ended in deadlocks. The 3rd ended in a conviction and a 40-year sentence but even that one was thrown out earlier this year.

Many viewers that watched the initial Dateline episode about the instance came away v the emotion that Raymond Lee Jennings was no guilty in the fatality of Michelle O"Keefe. And also they weren"t the just ones who doubted Raymond Lee Jennings" guilt. Together jamesmerse.com report in a previous article, Justice for Raymond Lee Jennings, a facebook page committed to Raymond"s story, has actually over 200 pendant who dealt with to have him exit from prison.

But one an ext person made Raymond Lee Jennings" release possible. According to Dateline NBC"s preview, Clinton Ehrlich turned on his computer and also watched a six-year-old illustration of Dateline, i m sorry was obtainable online. That illustration was "The Girl In The Blue Mustang." Immediately, Clinton was attracted to the story in a way that can"t truly be explained.

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There was just something around Raymond Lee Jennings that created his interest, make him desire to walk deeper. Clinton Ehrlich even consulted with Jeffrey Isaac Ehrlich, his attorney father, about the case. One point that stood out automatically was the absence of proof to convict this man. A 2016 write-up in the Los Angeles Times provides an even much more detailed explanation.

"From behind bars, Jennings, now 42, filed an unsuccessful appeal and later learned the California"s supreme Court had decreased to look right into his case. Yet his conviction had currently grabbed the attention of Ehrlich"s son. The appellate attorney"s son had stumbled throughout the "Dateline" unique on the case and also told his father he was struck by what he regarded as weak evidence. In October 2015, Ehrlich wrote a 34-page letter come the district attorney"s conviction testimonial unit, arguing for Jennings" release, saying he"d discovered "direct proof" that innocence and multiple flaws in the prosecution"s case."