Full quotes COPPER: space you jealous? TOD: "Course not, girlfriend dumb dog. COPPER: then what"s eat you? TOD: i don"t know. It"s like, you"re not roughly anymore. COPPER: Well, I"m approximately now. Let"s perform something. Ns mean, if girlfriend wanna. TOD: Now? shiver on it?

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We got much more ground come cover 보다 the Pony Express. Now, let"s get to work, hounds
Cast turn off by the one us care about the most
I"m talk to the fox. Tod, relationships and show business, they simply don"t mix
COPPER: shake on it. CASH: Kid, i swear you"re slow-moving as an steel toad. Come on, you"re holding united state up. Let"s go. Waylon, would certainly you acquire up? us got much more ground come cover 보다 the Pony Express. Now, let"s obtain to work, hounds! COPPER: i guess ns gotta go. TOD: But... But, Copper... COPPER: I"ll watch you later, OK? TOD: Yeah? Well, probably you will and also maybe girlfriend won"t! ZELDA: Why eat "em, Dix? Might as well just slap "em right on her hips. DIXIE: Come on, Zelda. I require a drink. Provide me one straight. ZELDA: offer me that. DIXIE: Oh, darling. Girlfriend look like something the cat dragged in. Ahem. Oh, no offense. TOD: What do you care? DIXIE: Oh, come on, Tod. We"re both in the very same old briar spot now. Actors off by the one we care around the most. Guess friend know how that feeling now. TOD: Copper"s forget all about me. DIXIE: Yeah. Ns heard that. Damages worse 보다 anything. ZELDA: Yeah. I remember this one tom cat called Leroy... DIXIE: I"m talk to the fox. You see, Tod, relationships and also show business, they simply don"t mix. Oh, that starts out nice and friendly. Then they acquire that an initial taste that fame, and also it"s "look out for number one." every right, let"s gain to crooning. Cold noses. Not also a little-bitty bone. Now, that"s a great little doggie. TOD: and you know what? he wouldn"t even be in that dumb old band if ns hadn"t lied because that him. DIXIE: Come again? TOD: I acquired Cash to think he was a stray. Copper"s no stray. He lives simply down the roadway apiece. DIXIE: Well, darling, all our troubles space over. How"d you favor to get your ideal friend back? TOD: yet how? DIXIE: Heh-heh-heh. Simply listen close to old Dixie here. CASH: Whoa, whoa. That last note was flatter than a duck"s footprint. Take it it indigenous the top, please. WAYLON: Oh, but, Cash, we"ve gone to it every night. CASH: and also we"ll be in ~ it all day if that"s what it takes. This ain"t just another show. The scout indigenous the grand Old Opry is gonna it is in watching. Take it from the top. Copper. Just what space you doing? COPPER: Well, it"s a cricket. Me and Tod used to... CASH: What is the issue with you, kid? Don"t you wanna be a star? COPPER: Well... Sure. CASH: Well, then, why don"t you... GRANNY ROSE: Cash. He"s just a pup. Copper"s just having actually a little fun. You perform remember fun, don"t you? CASH: OK. Every right. Just take five, everyone. GRANNY ROSE: Sweetie pie, don"t take it it to heart. Cash"s bark is worse than his bite. And also if he growls at united state again, I"m gonna muzzle that myself.

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COPPER: Tod? Tod. Girlfriend in there?