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Season 3 of The Expanse will begin streaming totally free for Amazon element members starting Feb. 8, range reports. The announcement has actually been confirmed on Twitter by the program’s writers. Fans have the right to expect season four to premiere later this year, likewise on Amazon Prime.

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The Expanse started its life top top SyFy in 2015, however was canceled in might of last year, mid-way v the operation of its 3rd season. That’s once Jeff Bezos swooped in to pick it up, moving the entire production over to Amazon Prime. recorded up through the creators of The Expanse, Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham, who both compose under the pen surname S. A. Corey, at last year’s Gen Con table gaming convention. They were on hand to promote the series’ new role-playing game from eco-friendly Ronin Publishing, which raised an ext than $400,000 top top Kickstarter critical August.

The pair had actually nothing but an excellent things come say about working through Amazon. They case the agency has given an ext freedom than ever before before. In fact, fans should expect some episodes to operation slightly much longer than they usually would have actually on cable.

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“Some the the rules adjust when you go from a network to a streaming service,” Abraham told “We’re no locked into an exact time the method that castle were. If an episode runs a pair of minutes long, that’s not a deal breaker.”

Left come right: founder and also president of eco-friendly Ronin Publishing kris Pramas, writer Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, and lead designer Steve Kenson. Photo: Charlie Hall/ “We had actually to provide a 42-and-a-half minute illustration every main irrespective that what the story was,” Franck said. “Whereas prefer you’re saying with Amazon, if we supply a 50 minute episode, Amazon’s like ‘Great!’ <...> and we don’t need to bleep out Avasarala, i beg your pardon is yes, really nice.”

Fans the The Expanse are partial to Avasarala, played by gibbs Shohreh Aghdashloo, who smokey epithets space a highlight of every episode. Pan of Destiny 2 might additionally recognize her together the voice of Lakshmi-2.

“It is a beautiful thing, once she unleashed on somebody,” Franck said. “It renders me happy every time.”