I've just started playing the game, love it so far!! I feel like it's one of the few games that actually has a significant impact based on the decisions you make and I love the characters/ setting/ plot. I do want to know what people thought their best diamond choices would be around allies/ weapons. I want to use them wisely :)

Just started playing choices a few weeks ago and I'm totally hooked!


Personally I paid diamonds to save Prince Tevan in book 1 and Lia in book 3, and I thought it was a good choice. I didn’t spend any money on weapons or clothes. Use them for allies if you want! Also, fyi the romantic scenes with Dom are quite vanilla compared to later books, no idea about the others LIs.

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Recruiting Severin, Tevan and The Bear. I've also recently replayed the series (on the final few chapters of book 3!) and dedicated myself to buying every ally (ouch my wallet). On my first playthrough and banished him, but now he's one of my favourite characters

Another g choice is Diavolos's premium choices in book 3. Mmm. Best love interest.

Oh, and the puppy in book 3. Worth every penny.

damn- i banished Severin, but i'll get the puppy & the kraken. Maybe Severin will show up in later books so I can get him on my side

Any chance to buy/save an animal. There'a kraken, bear, and wolf pup through out the series but they are really fun!

Also, wait for any romantic love scenes until the 3rd book...in my opinion.

Good call! i don't want to waste diamonds on short boring love scenes- I would rather have allies

Saving the animals, I really regretted not saving the bear. They may change the dynamic of the group (mainly the one for book 3) and may show up later on the story which is really cool.

Saving certain characters or making them allies as they would sometimes reappear in the story and change the dynamic of the group,

Love interest scenes, most didn’t have recurring effects like the above but I thought those scenes were really well done and it makes the story better in your mind.

Other scenes that allowed you to know more about certain characters or revealed more story. I don’t think most of these had recurring effects either but it was nice to get more story.

Weapons, I hardly spent a weapons. Though it’s really cool when characters use them and you may be given the option to use them again, the effects they play on the story seem small.

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Outfits, I never bought any so I wouldn’t know but I imagine the effects to be small.

Small Spoiler: I believe that the main end result of the book (and battles) will remain the same regardless of your choices but the choices allow different ways of getting that result. (This applies to most choices books.)