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This is a must-have resource for believer seeking to navigate the uncertainties of the existing and take on God"s promises for the future.

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The end Times. The Apocalypse. The work of Judgment.

Terms such together these are both fascinating and frightening for any kind of student of oh my gosh Word. They suggest to an essential questions civilization have wrestled v for centuries, including:

What go the holy bible tell us about the future?How much have the right to we understand around biblical prophecy and its applications in our lives?What signs and also signals will certainly precede the finish of every little thing as we understand it?Which of those signs and also signals have currently come come pass, which room we suffering now, and also which are still to come?

In The book of Signs, Dr. David Jeremiah uses answers to these questions and many more. Drawing from decades of study, Dr. Jeremiah explains every an essential sign the the pull close apocalypse and also what it way for you.

The result is a truly epic and also authoritative guide to biblical prophecy—a must-have resource for believer seeking come navigate the uncertainties of the present and take on God’s assures for the future.

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Recently, i was discouraged by lot of what to be going top top in our country and our world, and I comment by composing a prophecy masterwork, The book of Signs—31 Undeniable Prophecies the the Apocalypse.

The book of Signs expresses and also explains every the major prophetic indications of the Bible.

Part 1

International Signs

The 31 Undeniable Prophecies of the Apocalypse is a story that have the right to be said in fiveacts. In the first act, five nations arise — Israel, Europe, Russia, Babylon, and America.


Cultural Signs

As prophecy proceeds to unfold, us encounter several cultural signs the what is to come—including radical Islam, persecution, spiritual warfare, and also more.


Heavenly Signs

In part three, we check out a glimmer that hope. It every starts through Rapture the the Church, the Judgment seat of Christ, and heavenly rewards.

Inside the Book



Part 4

Tribulation Signs

In this section, we uncover some that the many inspiring, and infamous, personalities in every one of Scripture. Civilization like the Antichrist, the False Prophet, the two witnesses, the 144,000, and also more.


End Signs

We concerned the last act in the cosmic drama special the indicators of the Apocalypse. This section functions the Second coming of Christ and also the glorious Millennium that will certainly be established on earth.

As You check out . . .

You will uncover a comprehensive expedition of biblical prophecies and also signs. You will view not only just how God’s Word supplies insights right into the future, but also how scripture builds faith through the occasions of the past and also encouragement with the skepticism of the present.

Questions & Answers

With Dr. David Jeremiah


Question 1
Why should we study bible prophecy?

Question 2
Where in the scriptures is prophecy found?

Question 3
Why did girlfriend compile the study of 31 prophecy events in The book of Signs?
Living in the period of signs Broadcast Schedule
Radio Schedule
31 Prophetic SignsBook ChapterRadio BroadcastsRadio Air dates (Part 1, component 2)

International Signs
Israel1The Isolation of IsraelFeb 28 - in march 1
Europe2Modern Europe . . . Old RomeMarch 4 - 5
Russia3The Resurrection the RussiaMarch 6 - 7
Babylon4The fallen of the an international Financial MarketMarch 8, 11
America5Is America in Prophecy?March 12 - 13

Cultural Signs
Materialism6Financial indications of the end TimesMarch 14 - 15
Immorality7The period of something GoesMarch 18 - 19
Radical Islam8Islamic TerrorismMarch 20 - 21
Persecution9The rise of IntoleranceMarch 22, 25
Spiritual Warfare10When christians Wouldn"t understand They to be in a WarMarch 26 - 27
Apathy11Don"t Let culture Beguile YouMarch 28 - 29

Heavenly Signs
Rapture12The Rapture the the RedeemedApril 1 - 2
Resurrection13The Ultimate extreme MakeoverApril 3 - 4
Heaven14What"s Up with Heaven?April 5, 8
Judgment chair of Christ15PretendersApril 9 - 10
Rewards16Heaven"s OscarsApril 11 - 12
Worship17Worship in HeavenApril 15 - 16

Tribulation Signs
Four Riders18The four Horsemen of the ApocalypseApril 17 - 18
Antichrist19The Beast native the SeaApril 22 - 23
False Prophets20The Beast native the EarthApril 24 - 25
Martyrs21The MartyrsApril 26, 29
144,00022The 144,000April 30 - might 1
Two Witnesses23The two WitnessesMay 2 - 3
Dragon24The DragonMay 7 - 8
Mark the the Beast25The note of the BeastMay 9, 13
Armageddon26Arming because that ArmageddonMay 14 - 15

End Signs
Return that the King27The Return the the KingMay 16 - 17
Millennium28What on earth Is the Millennium?May 20 - 21
Great White Throne Judgment29The JudgeMay 22 - 23
New heaven and new Earth30The brand-new Heaven & the brand-new EarthMay 24, 27
Holy City31The Heavenly CityMay 28 - 29

Television Schedule
Prophetic SignBook ChapterTelevision BroadcastsTelevision wait DatesWeekendDaily
Panorama that ProphecyA tour of Prophecy InterviewMarch 3March 4May 20
IsraelThe Prophetic TimesMarch 10March 5May 21
Antichrist19The good Deceiver Who seeks to DestroyMarch 17March 6May 22
Rapture12The Rapture the the ChurchMarch 24March 7May 23
144,00022The 144,000 RescuedMarch 31March 8May 24
Two Witnesses23The two Witnesses TestifyApril 7March 11May 27
Return that the King27The Victor who ReturnsApril 14March 12May 28
Living SacrificeThe Decision That have the right to Save your LifeApril 28March 13May 29
The LionThe was standing You can Take TodayMay 5March 14May 30
Panorama of ProphecyA tour of Prophecy Interview (Encore)May 12March 15May 31

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How Prophecy readjusted One Heart

I thrived up together a Christian, yet just as Dr. David Jeremiah pointed out, I"ve regularly avoided reading Revelation. Partly it"s been because I uncovered it hard to understand, but likewise because ns was scared from having actually seen few of the movies about the last days i beg your pardon were popular in the ‘80s.

Dr. David Jeremiah"s teaching took far a most are afraid and also made me realize the prestige of .

Dr. David Jeremiah"s to teach took far a many that fear and made me realize the prominence of this book. The story of humankind here on earth and also God"s work-related with united state isn"t end yet! us are appropriate in the middle of it and it problem what we do today. The holy Spirit is still amongst us and hasn"t offered up on us, despite we sometimes have provided up ~ above ourselves. Prayer God!

- Emma

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Dr. Jeremiah has actually authored plenty of books, includingA Life beyond Amazing, The God You might Not Know, Revealing the Mysteries that Heaven, andEscape the coming Night.

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