where do THIS HAPENOne day, as Isaac descends to the basement when again, the notices that things are... Off.Everything looks like his illustrations or also like a JPEG compression unable to do wrong.This mod gives the whole game a new, interesting style. Nearly every sprite has actually been redrawn by hand, some have been converted to JPEGS and the music now pierces her eardrums with negative midis....also, you could not acknowledge items by their surname anymore.Warning: This mod can hurt your eyes, ear or reason seizures. No sure. That didn"t happen to me during my intense experimentation sessions.Credits:The wonderful music was made through jerbear64!The insane announcer was voiced by Wüane!The hand-dra... Uuuh... Mouth-spoken sounds were made by yuunohu and are part of his Voice that God mod: 1043AntoniM for the trinket sprites!Thanks for incentive to the Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff comics and also /u/anhud!...and thanks to r/bindingofisaac because that motivation!VideosLillith operation - by AddarkThe Binning turn off Isek: Aferberts - through Hutts Gaming ChannelThe binning turn off isek: aferberts - by NekomimiNinjaThe Binning off Isek (No commentary, pure gameplay) - by shrimplet596Binding of Isaac Afterbirth mod Spotlight - The Binning off Isek Aferberts mod Gameplay - by AccidentalGrenadeFULL GRAPHICAL review MOD! The Binding the Isaac: Afterbirth Mod present - by Vicarious VikingThe binning turn off isek: aferberts - through 5kyLegend beanie - the binning turn off isek: aferberts - through Vinnythe binning off isek: aferberts - by Cameron lel (shows off Greed Mode!)the binning off isek: aferberts | Zombey - by Zombey (german)The binning turn off isek: AFERBERTS - Ist dass Kunn�t? - by H0llyLP (german)the binning turn off isek: AFERBERTS - through MythosOfPlaying (german)

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Version 1.81 - November 25, 2016Version 1.777 - September 26, 2016Version 1.666 - September 20, 2016Version 1.2 - February 16, 2016Version 1.1 - February 12, 2016

- version one eighty one! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2FSqFxXeTY

- included AntoniM"s trinket add-on

- included jerbear64"s music expansion

- changed font come a hand-drawn one

- included some new fortune novelist messages

- added 241 hand-drawn item sprites!

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- The switches have turned the tracks

- Your brand-new train is comes soon

- 64

- aRG an excellent mod suprt!!!

- ns love good

- ns love mod

- is great mode

- ipekekk is far better item now

- large update coming up which will provide the mode a bit much more of a complete hand-drawn style, removing memes