I have had trouble finding him in the previous as well. If you room talking around the boss and also not the item.I do know this, he only shows up on the first 2 floors, he is a rarely "champion" version of Gemini. So everything floor gemini have the right to spawn on , steven have the right to spawn on. I do not think he shows up in the cellar (the difficult version of the very first floor wherein the haunt appears)the just advice ns can give is come play the an initial 2 floors, if they room cellar, restart, if they room basement rush to the boss, if it"s not steven, restart.it could even be a rubbish of time to carry out the second floor, just do the an initial floor, acquire to the boss as quick as you can, if it"s not steven, restart.

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If friend find little steven in one of the first 2 item rooms, and also fight steven on 2nd floor basement boss, he is most likely to fall steven.. Aside from that, it"s a rarely drom from him. Great luck
It"s totally luck based, unfortunately, and also Steven is a rarely Basement boss. If you"re trying to get the Steven item, climate your ideal bet is come play Azazel, restart until you acquire the basement and not the cellar, sirloin your method to the boss, hope it"s Steven, and also hope that drops Steven and also not small Steven.
acurly steven is the last ceo i require for celler if girlfriend dont require him for celler tell me koz that way the video game is glitched koz ns have beat every ceo in base ment expropriate steveni dont also care around the item
also i understand its a variation of gemini i came across him prior to but ns was trying to get scarcity then i reset i was a n00b ago then

Steven is not essential for unlocking the cellar. You"ve to defeat gemini twice. One time you death the huge one first and the infant last and also the 2nd time you"ve to kill the baby first and the huge one second.

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to obtain the celler? wow if your no carfull that could be trickyalso geuss what i was play on the BASEMENT seed and i came throughout steven...6 time IN A ROW! koz i retained restarting koz i had actually crap stuff the sixth time ns acurly acquired some an excellent things prefer brimstone and also lots o babys!
if you"re do the efforts to acquire an achievment or an unlock, girlfriend can"t usage a seed, the disables unlocks when you usage a seed. Just fyi
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