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Mission Statement

Bikes with each other (formerly The Park Hill cycle Depot) provides equitable accessibility to bikes and also education.

About This Cause

Bikes with each other (formerly The Park Hill cycle Depot) intends to get people on bikes and keep lock there. We strive come foster bicycling in Denver together a viable method of transportation, and also as a means to address wealth and health disparities that exist in ours communities. We carry out this by operating a ar bike shop located in the La Alma/Lincoln Park community of Denver. We market a wide selection of services and also programs ceded by talented staff and dedicated volunteers.Programs:Bike distribution Program: Bikes with each other volunteers and also staff refurbish hundreds of used bicycles and re-distribute them come bike-less next-door neighbors in Denver with partnerships with community-based organizations. Every participants obtain a fully-repaired bicycle the fits your body and needs, a brand-new helmet, u-lock, bicycle lights, and a 90-minute maintenance and safety workshop. Bikes Together only redistributes bicycles that room well-made and also will it is in functional, reliable, safe and fun because that participants.Bike Rodeo: among the key missions that Bikes together is to develop lifelong bicyclists through getting kids riding safely at an early age. All children are maybe to obtain a refurbished offered bicycle by attending a cycle Rodeo – a “hands-on” course where they will learn bike safety, appropriate riding technique and an easy maintenance. Youngsters that acquire a bike indigenous the bike Rodeo deserve to “trade up” in size as lock outgrow their original bike.Fix your Bike (FYB): everyone who wants to learn exactly how to solve their cycle or just needs the an are and tools can come to Bikes Together during FYB hours and get totally free service. Trained volunteer mechanics are on hand come help. If needed, brand-new and used parts are easily accessible for reasonable costs.Classes: Bikes Together uses a wide variety of bicycle classes for every level, from “Fix a Flat” mini-clinics come a 6-week master Mechanics course.Bike Camp: through fun cycle rides, ar trips, classes and mountain bicycle excursions, bike Camp promotes the countless benefits the bicycling come Denver’s youths showing them exactly how it have the right to be a means of transportation, a fun recreational outdoor activity and provide physical exercise.Bikes & parts for Sale: Both Bikes together shops bring an ever-changing range of refurbished supplied bikes that have actually been confirm out and also worked top top by expert mechanics. The bikes are offered for sale at substantially diminished prices and come with complimentary tune-ups, warranty and discounts ~ above future parts. Bikes Together additionally has a vast collection of new and provided bike parts for sale.

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Through buying from Bikes together customers help support the organization’s efforts.Service: Bikes Together has a full-service department with expert bicycle mechanics on employee to fix any kind of bike, from traditional tune-ups come “a la carte” adjustments consisting of shifting, brakes, derailleurs or wheels. This is available at both locations