Above, a 1934 plaque indigenous the huge Apple Night society at West 135th Street and Seventh avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Currently a Popeye"s rapid food restaurant ~ above Google Maps.Recent entries:•Federal Disinformation company (Food and Drug management or FDA nickname) (9/23)•“High school bands go to football games, but football football player don’t attend tape concerts” (9/23)•Entry in progress—BP (9/23)•“When the government starts passing laws that break other laws…” (9/23)•Entry in progress—BP (9/23)More new entries...

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Above, big Apple corner at 54th Street and Broadway in Manhattan. Google Maps.

Above, john J. Fitz Gerald, indigenous the Aug. 15, 1931, Binghamton (NY) Press, pg. 14.

Listen come Robert Emmerich present "The huge Apple," a hit song from 1937. Music composed by Bob and also performed through Tommy Dorsey"s Clambake seven with Bob top top piano. Lyrics created by buddy Bernier and sung by Edythe Wright. Audio provided by Dorothy Emmerich.

Also listen to a 1937 "The huge Apple" tune by Ozzie Nelson and also his Orchestra. See a 1929 picture of john J. Fitz Gerald and a 1931 picture of john J. Fitz Gerald.

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Ronald Reagan (1911-2004) favored cost-free enterprise and also smaller government. During Reagan’s effective 1980 project for chairman of the joined States, he said: “I happen to think that the finest social regimen is a job.” The line was attributed to Pete Wilson, then-mayor of san Diego, who had actually used the in a 1977 speech before the Century City chamber of Commerce. (Both Wilson and also Reagan offered terms as governor of California.) “The ideal social program” (or “the best social program") in the early-mid 1970s had actually been identified as “a sound economy” (or “a healthy and balanced economy"). “The best social regime is a job” proceeds to be offered in political speech, usually attributed to Reagan. ConservativeBuys.comReagan Quote - finest Social program is a Job. Great Conservative T-shirt quote top top many commodities such a s caps, hats, mugs and also political buttons. Zazzle.com“The finest Social routine Is a Job” Bumper sticker by cowboyannie Ronald Reagan Quote CafePressI think the best social routine is a project StickerFrom HodgePodge Designs native the DesignerRonald Reagan- young don’t us wish he was here to lead today! This is a an excellent quote indigenous a an excellent man! Wikipedia: Ronald ReaganRonald Wilson Reagan (February 6, 1911 – June 5, 2004) to be the 40th chairman of the United states (1981–1989) and also the 33rd governor of California (1967–1975). Wikipedia: Pete WilsonPeter Barton Wilson (born respectable 23, 1933) is an American politician indigenous California. Wilson, a Republican, offered as the thirty-sixth branch of California (1991–1999), the culmination of much more than three years in the public arena that consisted of eight years as a United states Senator (1983–1991), eleven years as mayor of san Diego (1971–1982) and five years as a California State Assemblyman (1967–1971). On September 27, 2007, Google BooksHearings By united States. Congress. Senate. Committee ~ above Labor and Public Welfare1972Pg. 120:I realize the the best social program we can have is a healthy economy. Google BooksThe State and also Local federal governments Conference top top InflationOne that a collection of pre-summit ar conferences hosted prior to the summit Conference top top Inflation, Washington, D.C., Sept. 27-28, 1974. V. 1 - 1974 Pg. 323:A sound economic situation is the greatest social routine America ever had. As President Kennedy chosen to say, a increasing tide lifts every the boats. 2 June 1976, Idaho drops (ID) Post-Register, “Factions break-up widely on economic issues,” pg. D1, col. 5:He (William Seidman, assistant come the president for economic affairs—ed.) went on come say that “the finest social routine is to have a sound, productive economy.” Google BooksDemocratic ReviewBy democratic Forum v. 2, no. 1 - 1976 Pg. 23:A sound economic situation is the greatest social routine America ever had, and also the crucial to all our other goals. 26 January 1977, sink News (Van Nuys, CA), pg. 6, col. 3:“The ideal social routine yet devised by man is a job” he (San Diego market Pete Wilson—ed.) said in a decided to the Century City chamber of Commerce. “It permits each of us to gain the dignity of act something valuable each work in addition to putting bread upon the table.” 13 September 1980, Los Angeles (CA) Times, “Brown Meets v Businessmen yet Reagan’s ideas Win Applause,” pg. A29:He was applauded again as soon as he said, “Gov. Reagan establish the truth, expressed by my girlfriend Pete Wilson, market of mountain Diego, that the ideal social program yet devised by male is a job.” Google News Archive2 October 1980, Spokesman-Review (Spokane, WA), pg. 3, col. 2:“I happen to think that the ideal social routine is a job,” Reagan said an approving crowd that hard-hatted employees at a subway tunnel building and construction site Wednesday. 2 October 1980, Chicago (IL) Tribune, “Reagan plays it for sure in Northeast” through Jon Margolis, sec. 1, pg. 2:“A job, I’ve constantly believed, Is the ideal social program there is,” Reagan said, though as usual the did not say just how he would produce more jobs, Google News Archive4 march 1992, Spokesman-Review (Spokane, WA), pg. A4, col. 6:Harkin pitched himself together the one “true Democrat” in the race, however his message—“My father told me the best social program was a job”—struck voters as both simplistic and dated. brand-new York (NY) TimesDefending State’s work Is Priority, Dodd MaintainsBy GEORGE JUDSON,Published: Wednesday, October 28, 1992Senator Christopher J. Dodd told labor and business teams today that his priority in a new term would be defending Connecticut tasks while functioning to restart the nationwide economy.(...)Repeating a conventional Dodd phrase, “the ideal social program ever before invented is a job,” he called for an individual responsibility. New York (NY) TimesNEIGHBORHOOD REPORT: eastern SIDE PROFILE; A increasing Star Looks towards CongressSAM ROBERTSPublished: Sunday, June 26, 1994(...)“All the leads you to think: ‘Great. Free Democrat,’” Mr. Millard said. “I don’t think liberal is an insult, but where I part company is ~ above the solutions. I’m not a free-market ideologue, however if the best social routine is jobs, I’m pro-jobs. And the private sector create jobs much better than government.”