Whatever comes to mind when you think “dodgeball” – probably Vince Vaughn and the typical Joes native the movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story – you most likely don’t imagine this firm America battling it the end on the floor that the American Airlines center in the surname of philanthropy.

But, that’s exactly what happens each year when evade for a cause pits few of DFW’s most recognizable and prominent businesses versus each various other in a familiar – if fairly competitive – dodgeball tournament.

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The Dallas office of Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP held the seventh yearly Dodge because that a cause tournament this summer, elevating over $105,000 because that a neighborhood nonprofit it is near and also dear come our for sure – Vogel Alcove. Dedicated to providing totally free therapeutic solutions to the an ext than 3,000 homeless children in Dallas, Vogel Alcove is an especially deserving beneficiary, and also we are proud to have raised a cumulative total of end $450,000 because that the organization because the production of dodge for a reason in 2012.


With such an intense athletic competition on thefloor, it’s just fitting that WFAA sports broadcaster Mike Leslie emceed theevent, as he has previously. ~ a couple of hard-fought hours, the team fromdriversselect emerged as this year champion. But the true winners to be thechildren offered by Vogel Alcove, no to mention the plenty of tournamentparticipants and their supporters, who took pleasure in an evening of camaraderie andfriendly competition!

We’re always excited to check out teams adopt the tournament,creating custom shirts and also coming up v clever team names. Some fan favoritesincluded video game of throw (Kainos Capital), DodgeFathersVI (Sewell Automotive),Patches O’Houlihan Lokey (Houlihan Lokey), Balls Fly cost-free (Southwest Airlines)and The mean Crow’s (Crow Holdings).

What started as a 12-team occasion raising a complete of$11,000 in its inaugural year has grown into a staple occasion for the communitywith 32 that company sponsors this year, every contributing quantities from $2,000 to$20,000 to make a positive influence on the stays of youngsters in need.

The idea for dodge for a cause originated as part of a firm-wide “Pay that Forward” initiative, focused on sustaining local ar organizations the are frequently underfunded. The program, motivated by Catherine Ryan Hyde’s 1999 publication of the very same name, to be designed come tap right into the creative, entrepreneurial talent of the firm’s employee to prolong the with of Weil’s as whole philanthropic endeavors.

To this day, the function for the tournament remains mostly the exact same – come use sources from the firm and the firm’s service partners to develop long-term, sustainable innovation of the community.

The beneficiary, Vogel Alcove, has a comparable mentality.Vogel Alcove’s vision is the every kid in the Dallas region has a home,self-sufficient family and a foundation for success in school and life. Itswork helps reroute the food of a child’s life by producing long-lasting changeand help young children overcome the traumatic impacts of homelessness.

Given our tight-knit local company environment, wewanted to create a venue because that bringing everyone together in support of a worthycause and to have some funny while fundraising. We room thrilled to it is in able toprovide this entertaining chance for corporations come give back and to hopefullyinspire other institutions to find an innovative ways to support those in require andmake charitable outreach a priority, instead of one afterthought.

Weil is immensely thankful to experience continued support the both the event and also Vogel Alcove indigenous our service community. In enhancement to its remarkable financial significance, the dodgeball tournament also provides a brand-new and distinctive platform for Vogel Alcove, generating an important exposure to an ext members that the Dallas organization community. Players and spectators include hundreds that professionals and their families, many of whom are most likely exposed to Vogel Alcove because that the an initial time.

Mike Leslie that WFAA & Weil partner Jonathan Macke

Notably, Weil’s long-standing partnership through Vogel Alcove goes beyond Dodge for a Cause. Number of Firm partners have served together co-chairs the the organization’s annual Arts Performance event and/or ~ above its plank of directors. V this multifaceted commitment, Weil has actually demonstrated that there truly room a multitude of means to give earlier to regional nonprofits, it is in it on the dodgeball court or in the boardroom.

In addition to Weil, significant 2019 dodge for a Causesponsors included:

$15,000: Kainos Capital$5,000: driversselect $4,000: Copart, Houlihan Lokey, Mr. Cooper, Sewell Automotive Companies and Vinson & Elkins LLP$3,000: ORIXCorporation USA$2,500: CrowHoldings Capital

Team sponsors included: American Airlines, Armanino LLP, AT&T, Austin Industries, Bain & Co., The Beneficient company Group, Caddis health care Real Estate, Celanese Corporation, City electric Supply, Dallas Mavericks, Forterra, hall Group, HighGround Advisors, hunting Consolidated, interstate Batteries, KPMG, Lennox international Inc., Southwest Airlines, Tailwater Capital, Trinity Industries, YourCause and media sponsor WFAA-TV Channel 8.

Any company interested in discovering aboutopportunities to assistance the 2020 evade for a reason tournament need to pleasefeel cost-free to call me in ~ 214-746-7786.

David Gail is a Dallas-based companion in Weil’s that company department. That advises both publicly companies and also private equity sponsors in a wide variety of transactions, including leveraged buyouts, mergers and also acquisitions, strategy investments, restructurings, financings and also dispositions.

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