hile plenty of famous reaction images come to be viral sensations, more often 보다 not, world never truly know who the separation, personal, instance in the meme in reality is. In so late 2016, 55-year-old Melvin Lawson, who goes by the manage Hoodnews24 online, came to be one that these people after he shared the viral video “Thank God because that My Reefer” that ended up being a emotion in simply a short couple of weeks. Eventually, Lawson’s clip where he’s checked out crying after cigarette smoking some particularly potent weed to be transformed into the “Black man Crying” and “How Old” Is Google Searches memes, spreading all over the net where that still generally used today.

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Although Lawson has been conscious of his web fame for years and also is also a pan of the format, he’s never quite obtained recognition for being the male behind the meme. Since we to be curious come know more and uncover the truth behind his relatable reaction, we reached out to Lawson who agreed to chat through us and administer some insight.


Q: Hey, Mel. Why nothing you begin us turn off by presenting yourself come our readers? Tell us a little about yourself and also what you internet famous for.

A: My surname is Melvin Lawson. I’m 55 year old, and also I’m native Orlando, Florida. I’m well known on the web for my video of me crying smoking cigarettes reefa.

Q: Ok for this reason let’s back up to the day of the initial “Thank God because that My Reefer” video that you post which later became the meme. Offer us part context top top the timeframe the the video used in the meme, when you recorded it and also why, and also where you an initial shared that online.

A: ns was feeling blue, and when ns sad, I prefer to do a lot of videos. A video popped up in my mind and also it took me one minute due to the fact that I don’t perform no retakes. I’m no trying to sit and also make it perfect. Whatever comes out, it is what that is and also it taken place to be viral bitch here.Well, i was really excited, for real. Wherein I come from, the only means I was gonna it is in on somebody’s mental is if they watch me ~ above the news or see me in the newspaper. At that time, I adjusted my whole lifestyle around and also started gift on the net more. Once I do the video, I observed other civilization like it anywhere the civilization from China come Haiti and all the method to Russia.

Q: much more specifically around what you said in the video, deserve to you tell us why you reaction that means and what her true emotions were? It seems like people are quiet unsure if girlfriend were simply crying from coughing or if it was an emotional and happy response.

A: ns acted that way in the video from coughing, but much more so the emotions due to the fact that I was so sad mine reefa man wasn’t walking to have any much more reefa.

Q: then the earliest well-known version of the being shared online v a caption occurred at the end of November 2016, which then spread to other areas in the adhering to days. Carry out you remember when you first stumbled throughout one of these or someone else reposting your video clip as a meme? What was your initial reaction?

A: ns was so happy because I couldn’t believe that i was slowly becoming “social media famous.” I began seeing world from every one of these other nations reposting me. Once I went locations with my family, people started running as much as me asking for pictures. Never ever did ns think ns would obtain all this fist from my video.

(An instance of Mel shown in a give thanks to God for My Reefer meme.)

Q: as soon as the video clip began extensively circulating, did that ever concern you the your face and also identity were so closely associated with the video or v weed?

A: Never had a concern. I was therefore happy and also high that it didn’t bother me around my face being associated with weed. I love weed.

Q: After you took notice of it coming to be a meme, was this your an initial time learning around such net culture, or to be you currently familiar with memes and things of that nature?

A: I constantly saw memes and always wondered “how carry out you do those?” so as soon as I saw myself top top one, ns was therefore excited. Climate I believed to myself, “Well is someone acquiring paid from my meme?” .

(Two instances of the “How Old” Is Google Searches meme that became one more variant of the original.)

Q: deserve to you phone call us much more about your family and friends? What was your reaction to her likeness ending up being a meme?

A: ~ the video clip went viral, mine grandson, Dylan, sent out me the meme. After all of that, my family started sending it and also calling me, laughing and also saying just how excited they were.

Q: Seeing just how you pointed out them in the original audio, did her dealer ever know or discover of the meme and also how his weed go viral? What’d he do of every this?

A: that made money and had an ext customers.

Q: Fast-forwarding a bit much more recently, I’d prefer to hear if that had any kind of long-term results on you due to the fact that becoming a renowned image with hundreds of memes out there now. Has actually it ever before had any significant impacts on your career or an individual life, such as anyone approaching girlfriend to use it for ads or anything?

A: i’ve been got to out to by a couple of TV shows and other people, but nothing has gone further than one email. This is actually my an initial interview.

Q: does anyone ever before recognize you together the male from the meme when you’re out in public? If not, carry out you ever lug it increase to civilization or tell anyone about it? just how do they commonly react?

A: People notification me everywhere I go, and also they room so excited. I sometimes mimic the video for the fans and make castle laugh and they room so excited to watch me.

Q: How typically do girlfriend still watch your photograph being provided online this days? Is it funny or weird as soon as you watch it now? do you think her meme is particularly humorous in general?

A: Honestly, ns feel happiness to recognize that ns can bring laughter come others’ day. My picture is very humorous come me.

Q: following up on the last one, there are lots of various variants from remixes transforming your dialogue into songs or the “How Old Is” Google Searches wherein someone reacts to feelings of sadness. I beg your pardon ones perform you think are the funniest or unfunniest?

A: To be honest, i like every one of them since as longs together they are making remixes, they are maintaining me relevant.

(A meme Mel common with us as among his favourite examples.)

Q: every these year later, carry out you store up with memes or internet culture these days since you’re in one? any type of other favourite you have the right to share, or even some you’ve made yourself?

A: Yes, and now ~ above Facebook and also on iMessage I’m in reality an man GIF.

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Q: together a final question, execute you ever regret uploading that video back in 2016 the went on to become the meme, or carry out you embrace it now and also look earlier on everything fondly? would you prevent yourself indigenous going viral and becoming a image if you had actually the option?

A: i am embracing it and enjoying the fact that i am famous online and also soon to it is in on TV!


Melvin Lawson is a contents creator based in Miami and also the man shown in the thank God because that My Reefer meme. You deserve to follow him on YouTube, TikTok and also Instagram come see more of his content.