Terraria: the Destroyer

Boss Strategies, Tips, and Drops

The Destroyer has actually probes the fire lasers, but also drop hearts when killed. Avoid its body, and also with some preparation you"ll win.

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The Destroyer is one of three mechanically Bosses in Terraria. Prefer all tough Mode mechanical Bosses, it may visit you at night randomly and also you may get its distinctive summoning item from any type of kill so lengthy as that hasn"t been beat yet. This guide to defeating it will focus on what you should prepare, how to gain the components for the mechanically worm to summon him in ~ will, and what you"ll acquire when you damage The Destroyer. Here is exactly how you craft a mechanical worm:

Random Encounter before SummoningIf you"ve not yet defeated this boss, there is a slim chance each night that it will spawn and attack you. The post for The Destroyer is "You feeling vibrations indigenous deep below..." .

Crafting mechanical WormRotten Chunk or Vertebrae x6 - farmed in the Corruption/CrimsonIron or command Bars x 5Soul that Night x 6 - farmed native creatures in underground Corruption/CrimsonOrichalcum or Mythril Anvil Required

As through other difficult Mode bosses, when you have actually the compelled item do at your anvil, you deserve to summon the destroyer at night time. I usage my base for Skeletron Prime, yet the Destroyer is a bit easier in a cavern that is carved out. Here"s mine setup - much from perfect yet delivered me victory:

Heart Lanterns and campfires, spaced out. Many of room come maneuver and dodge the head/tail segments. This is tight, therefore you have the right to hit countless segments at once.

Destroyer StatsThe Destroyer features 80,000 Life and has 30 Defense on its human body segments - the component you"ll hit most. Each segment counts as an elevation entity, yet the full amount of damages must be ruined for it to it is in defeated.

Hitting much more than one segment at once deals massive damages to the Destroyer. Once you can hit a probe, do. Castle drop hearts when killed.

Area or piercing damage is the key thing here. Every segment friend hit deals damages to the boss"s total health. Many weapons, such together swords, deserve to hit many segments v a single swing, as have the right to spells such as the fatality Sickle (Demons in the Underworld pre-hardmode) and Shadowflame Hex Doll (from Goblin Summoners in hard Mode). The Destroyer is pretty easy so long as girlfriend wear the greatest armor gear available to you and put ~ above the melee helmet (for max defense) and also use one ironskin/regeneration medicine if available.

Hit probes when you can. Lock shoot lasers, but additionally drop hearts. This is just to offer you one idea your size, sort of difficult to struggle ranged however with up-to-date weapons you should have the ability to splat them fast.

The Destroyer will certainly attempt come hit you through its head, yet you must also realize wherein the tail will come out by that is movement. Stop both that these, and don"t it is in silly and just stand on the segments - castle do contact damage that have the right to wear you down. Action off come the side, and shot to struggle probes where possible. This is why having a carved out area is so useful, as it offers room come maneuver.

It"s rather easy come avoid gaining hit, and also the campfires/lanterns cure you up in in between head strikes must you fail a few times. Stand off come the side and swing your finest weapon/cast your ideal spell and try to hit as countless segments at as soon as as girlfriend can!.

With those points in mind, ns don"t think about this boss an extremely hard uneven you encounter him randomly early on in your difficult Mode adventures.

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Winning the fight offers you Souls the Might, which have the right to be supplied to handmade the Megashark. Hallowed bars can create three new weapons without any additional materials. Take into consideration fighting the again if you discovered it easy. You have the right to summon a second directly after her victory.