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By Max Nicholson
So far, the undisputed big bads of Season 4 have been the Triceratons, however in a season where the name of the game is an are Travel, that was just a issue of time prior to the Kraang came earlier into the snapshot -- particularly the Utroms -- and this week's episode absolutely made their latest appearance count.

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The aptly title "War for measurement X" likewise featured the return that Mona Lisa and Commander Sal, that interestingly tried to type an alliance with the Kraang. (As the old saying goes, the foe of my opponent is mine friend.) and while the Salamandrians' record was inevitable, your presence here definitely added to the already-impressive range of this storyline.Of course, the most compelling parts of this episode were during the Turtles' visit to dimension X, along with Fugitoid (but without April or Casey, lot to your chagrin). Because that one, we met the rest of the Chess-themed Utrom Council: Rook (Irma), Queen (Miss Campbell) and also the hilariously mustachioed Pawn. ("Sacre bleu!") What surprised me about this was finding the end that, like Bishop and also Norman, each member of the council devised your own human being counterparts, quite than basing them on currently humans. Which basically confirms what I already suspected: the an actual "Irma" probably never existed.More importantly, though, we learned the very origin of Kraang Prime and also how he put down the vast bulk of the Utrom Tribe. Not only did this define the Kraang's hive mind and also uniform decided pattern, yet it likewise showed us just how couple of Utroms still remain (less 보다 100).

Following that, the remainder of this episode was pretty much straight action, but also included numerous fun twists and turns along the way. Ns liked exactly how both Mikey and Raphael followed Kraang Subprime to rescue Queen, and how that resulted in a nuzzly reunion between Raph and also Mona Lisa. Meanwhile, Leo and also Fugitoid convincing the Utrom Council come launch one all-out battle on the Kraang absolutely raised the stakes also more.However, that wasn't until the two parties clashed the "The war for measurement X" really kicked into high gear. Because that example, the reemergence of the Dracodroid brought around a fun aerial collection piece featuring Raphael and also Mona Lisa. And just hear Keith David speak "Booyakasha indeed, Michelangelo" was sufficient to do me grin from ear to ear.Meanwhile, Bishop and Subprime's "rematch" (remember, technically, their first skirmish never really happened) was conveniently the highlight of this finale. In addition to the outstanding camerawork, I thought it was cool exactly how Bishop revealed Subprime's initial name was "Knight," for this reason the two's brotherly ties. Also, ~ Subprime's fake-out death, the looked like he may have actually died in the explosion through the Dracodroid. Ns guess time will tell if that death really sticks.On peak of that, "The battle for dimension X" gave the turtle their next lead top top the black Hole Generator pieces -- and also by that I median their precise locations. If Season 4 proceeds moving in ~ the pace it's going, the eco-friendly team may be closer come achieving your goal 보다 we thought.

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In regards to balancing action, humor and also story, "The war for dimension X" was among the strongest episodes come come out of Season 4 due to the fact that the premiere. Not just did that delve into the lore and background of the Kraang, however it yielded tons of activity and collection pieces. Even without April and also Casey acquiring in on the fun, there were plenty of an excellent character moment to come out of this, particularly from Sal, Mona Lisa and also Bishop.