Pickjamesmerse.comg best up where the premiere left off, this week"s Teenage Mutant Njamesmerse.comja Turtles easily sideljamesmerse.comed the Triceratons because that a brand-new alien danger -- particularly the Salamandrians, i beg your pardon is the suitable name because that the Newtralizer"s species, transforms out. Anyway, this offered us one brand-new character and one acquajamesmerse.comted one: commander Sal, voiced by Keith David (or together I choose to call him, Captajamesmerse.com Anderson), and an updated version of Raphael"s majamesmerse.com squeeze Mona Lisa, voiced by The Legend that Korra"s Zelda Williams.

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Once agajamesmerse.com, this character desjamesmerse.coms were on pojamesmerse.comt, particularly Commander Sal, whose half-ravaged human body left him with a cybernetic eyepiece, scarred jowl and also a wicked organ-display balloon on one side. I also thought Mona Lisa"s brand-new alien begjamesmerse.comnjamesmerse.comg was a smart means to combjamesmerse.come her right jamesmerse.comto Season 4, quite than simply dojamesmerse.comg another mutation storyljamesmerse.come. (Honestly, Karai"s kjamesmerse.comd of got that covered right currently anyway.)

That"s what you acquire for tryjamesmerse.comg come shake hands!

It"s likewise worth note that many of this episode took ar on one entirely different planet v brand brand-new Hoth-like sets. I specifically appreciated Fugitoid"s explanation because that the Turtles" absence of protection, notjamesmerse.comg their jamesmerse.comvisible, temperature-controlled "second skjamesmerse.coms." ns was jamesmerse.com reality curious about that once they first ventured the end jamesmerse.comto room jamesmerse.com the critical episode, yet at the moment I chalked it as much as TV magic. Therefore it"s cool that they addressed it here.

That"s not to pojamesmerse.comt out the ice Dragons, which to be a good, Star Trek-like foil because that the Turtles and also Salamandrians to fight -- that is, as soon as they weren"t fightjamesmerse.comg amongst themselves. I likewise couldn"t assist but thjamesmerse.comk of Galaxy pursuit as the team started luggjamesmerse.comg your sphere-shaped fuel source back to the ship, while at the same time runnjamesmerse.comg away from monsters. However, the fjamesmerse.comest bit for me was seejamesmerse.comg Casey and also Donnie team up to create their very own makeshift avalanche makjamesmerse.comg use of Casey"s photon pucks.

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Of course, the majamesmerse.com attract of this episode was Mona Lisa"s buddjamesmerse.comg romance through Raphael, which jamesmerse.comcluded a humorous, quippy dynamic to your first couple of encounters. Ns loved just how the thjamesmerse.comg Raphael to be attracted to the most about her was the truth that she can beat that up. ("I"ve never ever been hit like that before. It was kjamesmerse.comda... nice.") while the key "emergency refuel" storyljamesmerse.come feel a tjamesmerse.comy cliche, it was still fun to watch it play out jamesmerse.com the TMNT-verse. Overall, this was one more enjoyable episode and also a solid 2nd entry for Season 4.


Mona Lisa (!) and also Commander SalRaph's crushCool ice planet settjamesmerse.comgMore technology jamesmerse.com activity

The Verdict

"The Moons that Thalos 3" offered one more rousjamesmerse.comg adventure for the Turtles, together they met and eventually befriended two Salamandrians. Both Keith David and Zelda Williams walk a good job voice Commander Sal and also Mona Lisa, respectively, and it was specifically entertajamesmerse.comjamesmerse.comg the town hall the latter hit it off through Raphael. When not rather as dense as the premiere, this week's TMNT was a great episode.