Teen mom 2, Season 9, episode 3: for this reason What walk Jenelle Say specifically On the 911 Call?


What drama execute the girls have actually kicking up this week? examine it out below!


Bri definitely has a lot walking on this season with more kid/baby dad drama.

Devoin renders an initial illustration to take Nova come an arcade. Hmm, if Devoin is make so tiny money how have the right to he bought to even take Nova out?

Bri is said by her sister that she has actually the soul of a "fat person."

Bri asks Nova what she wants to do when she grow up - luckily she doesn"t price "teen mom." Bri drives Nova come her an initial day of very first grade and drops she off.

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Leah gets on the phone v Cory-who-lives-in-a-cabin-in-the-forest and also talks around how she needs to set up part meetings. You walk girl. Assert yourself on every one of these taxpayer issues you more than likely don"t salary taxes on.

Leah gets on the phone v Ali"s clinic LICSW come talk about what advocacy alternatives are easily accessible through them.

Sheesh, this mom is a really an excellent at leverage sources she"d be mad if the rest of united state used, isn"t she? Later, Leah complains about the instance to Jason.

Boy, this guy is getting in a many of screen time this season, isn"t he?


Back on she farm, Chelsea is maintaining herself busy pumping the end kids and also complaining around Adam. Hmm, just how do you obtain your hair dyed that color when friend live in a location that remote? Chelsea decides to absent up part dramz around her water breaking when all she did was sit in a pond her kid made. Uh oh, is Chelsea going to have to send her kid to a NICU since her kid is walk to it is in born early.

Naw. This is quite see through is what we"re thinking.

Later, Chelsea and Cole regulate to create whole episode that filming through drumming up a most dramz around her water perhaps breaking.

We"re not sure if these two space really bad actors or if it"s just the truth that this was filmed about a year earlier so we know that Lainey was born at term.

Sure enough, after their visit to the hospital, we find out Chelsea is simply FINE.


Kail bring Lux what to sample cake for his party. Ah, the life that a teenager mom"s kid, huh? Kail mirrors on her pathological tendency to be attractive to guys who don"t desire her. Still, she seems to know she requirements to collection some borders with Chris. Kail enjoys Lux"s birthday then top to brand-new York to document a podcast v Caitlyn and Tyler.

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Jenelle Evans"s Descent right into Chaos

Kail talks around how things went OK through the party through Chris. Kail think she requirements to get earlier in touch with her mommy after seeing Chrs"s level of codependence ~ above his parents.

Kail"s mother was apparently an alcohol addict which means Kail has actually something come talk about with Tyler on her podcast. Yay!

At the podcast, anyone tries come compensate for being overweight by laying top top the assembly thick yet it doesn"t work. Kail launches right into her diatribe about parents v addictions.

Tyler discusses his father"s sobriety which gives Kail a opportunity to wax poetic around her mom.


So sad. Jenelle was ideal in the middle of hurricane Florence. Great thing they had all those weapons on them! Jenelle shows on the hurricane v Babs. Jenelle is awfully worried about all of the leaks in her house. Yep.

That mobile home held up really well in a storm. Jenelle and also her youngsters apparently had actually to take it baths in a pool, which oh MY GOD, made she feel like she was living in a third world country.

Honey, your backwoods life is far, far beneath the life the anyone life in India.

In any kind of case, Babs appears to have actually really shifted sides now since she sympathizes quite a bit with Jenelle"s account the why her house would it is in so much much better for Kaiser than Nathan"s mom"s home throughout the storm.

Jenelle heads to a pumpkin patch and also snaps part nice pics however it shows up that the funny ends as soon as a producer shares that David texted her and threatened her.

Jenelle claims that David to be "kidding" however it does appear that Jenelle had actually to call David come "chill out." She then backtracks on she story the "she didn"t understand David texted the producer" through revealing she had actually to calm him down.

Naturally, Jenelle brings united state to the dramatic conclusion that the episode once she renders that now infamous contact to 911 and also tells them the David attacked her and pinned her to ground and she heard her collarbone crack.

Uh ohhhh....stay tuned everyone.

Here"s our concern - with a contact like the going public, how in the civilization has Jenellestayed v David and also on top of that kept custody of her kids?????!!!

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