Suggested level: 30

Group: Main Quests

Location: Skellige

This quest begins when after death Eredin, Yennefer teleports friend from his ship. The conjunction of the Spheres begins and everything seems to prove the Eredin did not lie as soon as he called you that Avallach had actually cheated you. You and also Yennefer decision to go to the tower situated on Undvik, where Avallac"h escaped, and shot to prevent him.

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Eredin"s native rang in Geralt"s ears. Can Avallac"h truly have actually betrayed them? could Ciri still it is in in danger, even with the Wild Hunt destroyed once and also for all? without a moment to lose and also paying no heed to your wounds or exhaustion, Geralt and Yennefer plunged back into the post-battle chaos ravaging Undvik.

Prior quests

To start Tedd Deireadh, the final Age girlfriend must first complete On thin Ice.

Quest stages the Tedd Deireadh, the final Age

1. Follow Yennefer.

Run after Yennefer, prevent fireballs falling indigenous the sky. ~ a while friend should acquire to the camp wherein you will uncover horses the you have the right to ride.

Keep following Yennefer come the Abandoned town and then in the direction of Tor Gvalch"ca. ~ above the way you will pass a totality lot that giants, cyclops and other monsters that have started to get into this world. You have to still keep avoiding projectiles falling indigenous the sky.

When further riding is no possible, friend will have to gain off your horse and continue ~ above foot. Once you go into an area the is very cold, Yennefer will speak to a security shield under which you deserve to hide. Go on, store close to the sorceress and kill 2 hounds the the Wild hunt (27) that will stand in your way.

Near the tower, you will come throughout a protective barrier created by Avallac"h. Yennefer will be able to create a breach in it, but only you will have the ability to get inside.

2. Acquire to the elven tower.

When you gain to the other side the the barrier, go towards the tower and you will soon satisfy Avallac"h. Geralt will desire to fight him but Avallac"h will draw his sword and throw it on the ground.

A moment later you will certainly realize that Eredin actually lied and Avallac"h did not betray you. Ciri will show up and also explain to you that it was her idea to open the gate, as this is the only method she can gain inside and also face the White Frost.

No issue what girlfriend say, Ciri will step inside and also she will be teleported to another dimension.

No issue what friend say, Ciri will go inside and also she will certainly be teleported to an additional dimension to confront the White Frost.

What happens there will rely on the decision you have actually made in the ahead quests. Your selections will be recalled in quick flashbacks. Then the "Something Ends, miscellaneous Begins" quest will start, which acts as an epilogue of the game.

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It turned the end that, if Avallac"h had not been entirely honest with the witcher, he to be no traitor. Ciri had actually slipped off with him throughout the battle of she volition in order to - and please pardon the grandiosity, dear leader - save the world. She was persuaded Geralt would never enable her come embark ~ above this foolish endeavor, and also so chose she had to operate behind his back. Every his promises and threats were for naught - there was no protecting against Ciri when she"d made she mind up. The witcher might only watch together she stepped into the elven tower - and also hope she would certainly return safe and sound.