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A series of Internet short articles that asserted outspoken rocker Ted Nugent had actually been eliminated in a hunting accident — then to be assassinated, then to be faking his own fatality — was all fake news.

A fake news story that appeared on many disreputable web page on April 28, 2017, lugged a headline that read, "Conservative symbol Ted Nugent killed in searching accident."

Facebook customers reported the story together being perhaps fabricated, as part of the site’s initiatives to store fake news the end of users’ news feeds.

The story, i m sorry is fake, claimed Nugent was searching from a tree stand before dawn somewhere in Montana as soon as he to be shot "in the chest by a hunter through a scope nearly a quarter of a mile away who thought he was a brown bear."

The unnamed hunter faced manslaughter charges and was being hosted by state police in Boseman (which is yes, really spelled Bozeman). But that’s not the finish of the story, by a lengthy shot.

The post originated top top April 28 in ~, a parody website that has been the source of number of fake news story that we’ve previously checked. fabricates articles keyed to topics designed to inflame conservatives. The articles quite often come to be passed around on many websites, often without an indication the they are fake. doesn’t immediately indicate that any type of of that stories room fake, yet its about Us link notes the "all articles should be considered satirical and any and also all price quotes attributed to actual human being complete and also total baloney."

In this case, the site complied with up its very own story with an additional fake write-up the very same day that claimed Nugent actually had actually been eliminated purposely through a "white sympathizer" called James Alan Whitland, under the alias Alex Hayne. This story also ended increase on many sites.

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Whitland, the second post read, had actually been a teenage hitman because that the black color Panthers and also had aided the man who killed 5 Dallas police officers in 2016. The article said Whitland had been caught by a video game warden after Nugent to be killed.