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General Commentok this track is def one anti christ one, no neccesarily against jesus yet agianst the christian religion and also the church. Jesus and also hte church are 2 totally diffrent things. The church supplies jesus come gain more supporters to do money and also make increase lies around him. Anyways...the entirety i had actually an out of body experience the various other day her surname was jesus - this is mocking someone it is deep in the religion, speak they had an the end of human body experience and it was jesus and everyone cried. Its usually mocking it and also saying the exagerating it.try her approach die because that her ideology - this means that the church it s okay you to end up being one of lock and shot out thier faith and also then u end up gaining so right into it u will die because that the church, and be a martyr. Such as all the divine wars, people died for the belief.crossed and terrored ravages of architecture - this is relenten the church. That a item of architecture filled through terror, the church filling u increase with beliefs of sin and shit to fear u into joining them.lie naked on the floor and let the messiah go with our souls - this again is mocking the totality christian beliefdie choose a mother fucker - i dont understand if this has any real signifigance yet could typical that the church gathers people and uses them together pawns and soldiers prefer in previous wars, and also this simply exagerates the point of them not caring important caring around the person but just thier support and also donations. For this reason its them speak die favor a mother fucker reason they yes, really dont provide 2 shits about ui wanna posesthe my way to the garden - this means that that doesnt take it the faith seriosuly and also instead of complying with them to gain into heaven, he desires to fuck his means therecause everyone demands a mother...FUCKER - this again is mocking it, it starts out making u think that everyone needs a mother such as mary, or mother as in a belief, but then states FUCKER mocking the idea all with each other again.the adhering to of christ, the falling of christ - this is simply basically reflecting u what they mean.

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Christ to be followed and also then that fell. Its simply another means of speak they dont believe in it all by make u think they execute wen they start saying FOLLOWIGN the CHRIST and hten turn it into FALLING the CHRIST.