I am a newbie in rails and i tried creating a forum application based upon a tutorial. This is mine forum page however i keep gaining the error:

syntax error, unanticipated keyword_ensure, expecting end-of-inputExtracted resource (around heat #33):30 31

here is the forum index web page which is throw the error:

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what is this doing? a html comment ERB tag will certainly still evaluate. Eliminate it. If you want to comment ruby code usage # instead, like


Properly formatted password goes a long means towards diagnosing difficulties like this (mismatch and the like). Shot out the following:

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object ago by no articles "Are girlfriend sure?", :method => :delete %>
topics earlier by no articles "Are friend sure?", :method => :delete %>



I think you have the order of opening and closing blocks jumbled up.if, for space all opened blocks that need to be closed in ~ the appropriate times.

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The commented-out finish tag the Benjamin stated is actually important yet misplaced and has come go between your and tags to close the because that forum in

I prepared a amendment version with some realignments, for this reason I can make sense of it much more easily. Haven"t in reality tested it, though.

Forum Last article
subject back by no short articles "Are girlfriend sure?", :method => :delete %>

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