hi all,I just recently struggle lvl 65 and was wondering what type of finish game content there is available at this point? Thanks!


12.30.2015 , 02:23 am | #2
hm flashpoints, not worthy imo, also low reward for a large effort.just look basic chat on the fleet, continue to do SM operations with teams forming.once you"re decently geared through sm tokens, relocate to hm, probably finding a guild.
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12.30.2015 , 02:26 am | #3
Level your partnerships and compagnions, execute the starfortress pursuits etc.


12.30.2015 , 04:08 to be | #4
daily, weekly, pvp, lore, exploration, flashpoints, ops, heroics weekly, solo flashpoints, starfortress, decorate your stronghold, conquest, troll conversation

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12.30.2015 , 06:54 am | #5
begin with weekly Heroics. They space a good way to obtain into 208 and 216 gear, all while making decent cash in a quite casual manner. Early on planet Heroics are cake, and also give the very same crystal rewards as the later on planets as you scale down. Whatever is soloable. The higher level planets would certainly be tougher with low gear, however plenty room cake. Once you end up Fallen empire story, you deserve to turn in the Heroic purple crate rewards in come raise your alliance leaders. Each couple of levels native those 4 offer mission rewards which give also radiant crystals. They additionally give cool article rewards.Just seize a bunch of missions, and warp to the starting location. I run these through a friend simply for fun through all our characters, and also it"s nice fun due to the fact that you take everything planet objectives you feel like. Then once you unlock Star fortress Heroic 2+ Flashpoints, operation those when geared enough, or have actually fun with friends. I love just how they added scaling down to the level that areas, since even helping a new friend now gives you your level rewards. Provides it therefore much less complicated to play v friends.
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12.30.2015 , 08:29 am | #6
downhearted answer: wait an additional 2 months because that your next hour that KotFE cutscene. Yay!2nd pessimistic answer: Wait 5 ten or fifteen months for your favourite old companion to placed in an illustration -in story mode.3rd pessimistic answer: could want to start an open up university course and also catch increase on a couple of DVD box-sets.coz If friend were looking for something entirely new, you"re SOL.OTOH you deserve to make your own entertainment. - How about a Q&A treasure hunt about the jamesmerse.com galaxy? and share it v your friends and Guildmates? - or short article it here..... Now there"s a thought....
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have the right to someone tell me the allude of star fortress? gives bad gear, not lot credits, fixed anything? basically any type of other 65 activity will gear you quicker with much better ilevel.
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