So the entirety incident v M turning on LLENN in ~ the finish of last illustration boils down to this: Pito left a note for M to check out at a particular time stating that she"d murder him if he obtained killed in the video game (including through suicide), through the implication that she"d do it in actual life. While this just sounds prefer hyperbole, M thinks the real-life Pito is crazy enough that she could actually perform it. For this reason he sees death LLENN as his only means out, because that enables him to come to be the team leader and also then surrender. Whether this says more about exactly how cowardly M is or just how intimidating Pito is continues to be to it is in seen, but if mine theory around Pito"s identification is correct, this simply puts a additional amusing twisted on the entirety situation. As the end of the illustration proves, in-game characterization and also reality have the right to be madness different.

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As LLENN decides to walk solo to win against the final team, what complies with is the most fun demonstrate of wall-to-wall activity that the collection has created yet. Fairly than adhere to tactical guidance provided by others, these fight sequences involve LLENN fully taking fee for the an initial time and doing what originally earned she the moniker the Pink Devil, as she uses her speed, size, capacity to hide, and also up-close firepower to carry the fight come the the opposite team. Happily, the story find a quite balance in offering LLENN a possibility to shine without showing the the contrary team together pushovers. M coming ago into the scene to bail LLENN out as soon as she gets in a tight spot is also welcome, together it return that feeling of come the event and also gives M a opportunity to light in the sniper-on-sniper part of the duel.

Many that the activity beats in this episode might be usual of a shonen activity story, yet LLENN/Karen herself provides all the difference. Sure, the cute variable is strong here, yet her decisiveness, the method she it s okay so perturbed around M gift incongruously pathetic, and her swift transitions in between panic and also exuberance room all endearing. Therefore is the way she gets freaked out once she thinks she gun is talking to her, i m sorry was one of my favorite moments in the episode. Though the computer animation isn"t perfect this week, LLENN gets some an excellent facial expressions to go v the interesting fight choreography and also backs it through some hard musical support too. I additionally liked how one scene confirmed the disadvantage the LLENN"s size; she"s i can not qualify to wrestle her gun cost-free of the larger woman"s master in nearby combat.

The illustration would have been an excellent just sticking to that is wrap-up of squad Jam, but the revelation in ~ the finish that the pack of girls Karen had actually passed were admiring she stature quite than being crucial of her height was a great finishing touch. I gained suspicious of the gang as soon as they panned across the group and the hair color matched approximately the final team the the squad Jam, and also I was certain of it when their leader admitted that she wished she to be taller, together that elevated the strong possibility that they to be doing the same thing together Karen by playing their diametrically-opposed physics counterparts in the game. This is likewise the same team of girl we saw at the end of illustration 1, so that method we haven"t seen the critical of them either.

The only significant flaw in the episode is that it end without giving the slightest indication of where the story might go next. This initial arc is setting a difficult act to follow, yet nothing that"s been shown so far gives me any type of cause because that concern.

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Rating: A-

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