We´re asked to describe why sublimation is normally performed under reduced pressure.

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Sublimationis the adjust in the physical stateof a link or element, from a solid come a gas.

Changes in the physics stateof a compound or aspect depending ~ above temperature and pressureare presented in a step diagram prefer the adhering to one.


Here we view there are equilibrium lines between each phase where the material is in both phases. The red linecorresponds come the user interface of the heavy phase with the gas phase.

Additionally, think about thatvapor pressureis the partial push of gas molecules over the surface of a fluid or a solid.

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Sublimations are usually performed under reduced pressure because:

a. The attractive intermolecular interactions in between the molecule in the solid acquire weaker as the push is decreased.

b. Solids perform not have actually a vapor push at atmospheric pressure.

c. Less warmth needs come be gave for the vapor press of the solid to equal that of the external pressure.

d. Solids execute not melt when heated under reduced pressure.

e. It avoids the pure product acquiring contaminated through impurities in the air.

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