The backwards episode "The Betrayal" is based on a Harold Pinter play, "Betrayal", which also uses the very same gimmick. Sue-Ellen Mishkie"s (Brenda Strong) fiancé in the illustration is called Pinter in tribute to the playwright.

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This illustration is generally called "The Backwards Episode"; and also all events in that take ar in turning back chronological order. ~ above the Season nine DVD collection however, there is a function which permits the viewer to clock this episode play the end in regular chronology.
In the very first episode Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld) calls Kramer (Michael Richards) "Kessler". The character"s surname was subsequently readjusted to Kramer. In the illustration "The Betrayal", towards the really end when we watch the scene from "Eleven years Earlier", Jerry is moving into his apartment, and Kramer comes end to welcome him. Jerry says, "You need to be Kessler, I witnessed your surname on the buzzer," come which Kramer replies, "No, it"s Kramer."
The expression "You have the right to stuff her sorries in a sack, mister" is provided throughout this episode and also is a recommendation to The Odd pair (1970) illustration entitled The weird Couple: Strike increase the tape or else (1974).
when Kramer (Michael Richards) speak Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld) & George (Jason Alexander) he had actually been gaining dirty looks from FDR, castle ask that if it to be the crook-eye or the stink-eye. This references episode 8.14 Seinfeld: The valve Buren guys (1997), as soon as Kramer stated he was provided the stink-eye and also he changed fire through the crook-eye.
Heidi Swedberg"s 28th and final episode of Seinfeld, and the only one after ~ Susan"s death in season 7.
Brenda strong plays Sue Ellen in this episode. She initially auditioned because that the role of Wendy in episode 6.16, Seinfeld: The Kiss Hello (1995), but lost out to Wendie Malick.
when the gang arrives in India over there is a little kiosk in the appropriate side that the frame and eventually viewed behind the actors. Hanging from this kiosk is a decorate made of dried red Chile Peppers which originated in the southwest joined States. It"s an extremely prevalent in new Mexico and also goes fine in contrast to the blue doors and also doorframes the the Adobe houses. These space not really something that would certainly be found in India.
In a first-season "Mad around You" illustration from 1992, it is established that Kramer initially subleased his apartment indigenous Paul Buchman, and also that Paul had actually been life in the apartment when he met and also dated Jamie. Paul knew Jerry, because he inquiry Kramer about him. Yet in the flashback of this episode, which takes ar six years earlier than the "Mad around You" episode, Jerry moves in and Kramer is currently living in the apartment. According to the chronology the "Mad around You," Paul should have been living there at the moment Jerry moves in.

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Elaine is seen gaining really drunk double in this episode. Transparent the entire series, no George, Jerry nor Kramer are ever seen incredibly drunk and hung end the following day prefer Elaine.