Suggested level: 14

Group: Secondary Quests

Location: Skellige

This search will start instantly when you have actually completed the "Contract: The Phantom that Eldberg" quest, unless you have currently completed the "King"s Gambit" quest. Kraki and also Kori will strike you and also Jorund will take her side again.

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The usual folk rarely present witchers the gratitude castle deserve for practicing their dangerous trade. Arinbjorn, however, showed an even more ungrateful place than usual in this regard. After taking treatment of a wraith plaguing this village, Geralt stepped right into the regional tavern looking for a well-earned drink. Prior to he might even take a sip, however, two trouble-seeking youths started harassing him. Geralt typically strives to stop bloodshed in such situations... However this time he had no choice.

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Prior quests

To start Stranger in a weird Land friend must first complete Contract: The Phantom of Eldberg.

Quest stages the Stranger in a strange Land

1. Defeat the warriors who picked a fight through you.

At very first it will certainly be a fistfight, yet after a when the enemies will attract their weapons and you will need to do the same. Unfortunately after the fight that will turn out the Jorund was fatally wounded. He will only have the ability to say goodbye to you and also die.

2. See what"s happening outside.

Leave the tavern. External you will meet Leif, who is the dad of Kori and also Kraki, and also the various other villagers, that will need you face Madman Lugos in a trial because otherwise friend will have to fight the entirety village. Girlfriend will have no other selection but to walk to prison.

Though Geralt had killed his attackers in self-defense, no witnesses shown this and also he was charged with beginning the brawl. The residents of Arinbjorn urged Geralt to put down his weapons and also hand himself over to the jarl, Madman Lugos. Wanting no much more blood top top his hands the day, Geralt reluctantly yielded himself come the justice of a lunatic.

3. Acquire out the the prison.

If you talk to the guard you will discover that you can spend a the majority of time in prison before Lugos desires to referee someone.

There space three ways to speed up her trial:

First that all, if you have Delusion ~ above level 3, you can simply go up to the bars and use this skill when talking come the guard.You deserve to attack and defeat the other four prisoners in a fistfight, and also then the guard will certainly decide that such a great warrior favor you should not rot in prison.

No matter exactly how you acquired out that jail, you"ll be required to Lugos. You"ll meet Leif over there too. Lugos will sentence you come death, but he"ll let girlfriend buy yourself out by payment Leif as lot silver as his sons weighed.

Of course, you won"t have the ability to pay, yet Lugos, because that an unknown reason, will certainly decide to pay back the blame for you and thus think about the matter cleared up and call Leif to go ago to his village.

When you"re left alone, everything will it is in clear. If you haven"t perfect the "The cave of Dreams" quest yet, Lugos will ask girlfriend to go to the cavern of Dream and assist his son and then friend will receive this quest.

Geralt stood prior to Madman Lugos to it is in tried. The jarl found him guilty, but then instantly paid his blood price for him, thus offering him his freedom. Like most favors, however, this one was provided with the expectation of getting something in return. For saving his life and also granting the his freedom, Lugos want Geralt to aid his son and also heir, Blueboy Lugos, in his trek through the mysterious cave of Dreams.

Otherwise, the will give thanks to you for saving his son.

Geralt stood prior to Madman Lugos to it is in tried. The jarl uncovered him guilty, however then instantly paid his blood price because that him, thus giving him his freedom. In this means Lugos repaid the witcher for the help he had given his boy in the cavern of Dreams.

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After perfect Stranger in a weird Land you will obtain or will be able to get The cave of Dreams and also An Unpaid Debt.