I have actually a vast list of steam groups I"ve never ever joined in my "Groups" tab the the "Friends" section of Steam. It looks like this:


Some of the jamesmerse.coms I own, part I had on mine wishlist, part I"ve never heard of. The top two space the just ones ns actually want to be in. When I click on the Arrow and then leaving this group, I just see this:


Those room the two teams I psychic joining and also want to it is in a component of. Ns tried come join and leave the group, yet when I click the Arrow and also then View group Profile, all I view on the side is this:


I don"t see any kind of option to sign up with or leaving the group.

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When ns go to mine public profile, it states I"m just in two groups and doesn"t mention these groups anywhere:


How do I remove these groups?

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When girlfriend ask heavy steam to follow a game, you receive that game"s announcements in your task feed. Not clearly mentioned, or at least not whereby I could find it, is that you additionally join the game"s official group. When you stop adhering to a game, you will immediately be eliminated from the group, an interpretation that any kind of rewards or advantages that require you be a member will no much longer be available.

Official groups are no counted in the variety of groups you"re a member of; this was already the case before the introduction of following games and also the exploration queue.

You have the right to leave such a group in 2 ways:

Go come the game"s store page and also untick "Following":


Go to her game"s community hub, and click the "Stop Following" link near the top:


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