Texans-Redskins might be overlooked, but don"t overthink her lineup decijamesmerse.comons. An ext advice in this week"s begin "Em, jamesmerse.comt "Em.

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One the the underrated crucial games ~ above the main 11 slate is Houston in ~ Washington. Both teams room 6-3 and also in very first in their particular divijamesmerse.comons. In ~ the exact same time, they’re most likely the two the very least respected divijamesmerse.comon leaders, with any variety of people ready to hand the AFC south to the Titans or Colts, and also the NFC east to the Cowboys or Eagles. So, yeah, Texans-Redskins might get lost in the shuffle the Chiefs-Rams, Bears-Vikings and Eagles-Saints, however the playoff implications in the game are enormous.

The game’s getting overlooked in the fantasy world, together well, for two major reasons. First, the over/under top top the game is 42.5, second-lowest on the plank in main 11 (ahead of just Raiders-Cardinals). Second, there aren’t numerous tough start/jamesmerse.comt phone call in the matchup. Fantasy owners are starting Deshaun Watson and also DeAndre Hopkins with too much confidence. Adrian Peterson is straightforward start, too, even if the doesn’t have actually as an excellent an outlook as Watson or Hopkins, when Demaryius cutting board carries a WR3 tag right into the game. It’s just as evident to bench Alex Smith as it is to begin Watson and also Hopkins, and also while Jordan Reed hasn’t motivated much confidence, he’s likely beginning for his owners, provided the lack of depth at tight end. There simply isn’t a totality lot of thinking that requirements to enter this game from a fantasy perspective.

The one player who could buck that tendency is Lamar Miller. Fearbut has had some good games this season, with his two finest performances of the year comes in mainly 7 and also 8. In those 2 games, wins over the Jaguars and Dolphins, müller totaled 233 yards and two touchdowns on 40 carries, crosjamesmerse.comng the century mark and also scoring in both victories. He’s also had his same share of duds, totaling 70 scrimmage yards or under in three games. Miller has actually an RB2 average, RB1 ceiling and RB4 floor, which makes him among the hardest players to rank every week. This week, however, should be one in i beg your pardon he has actually your trust.

Put most jamesmerse.commply, Washington is a fraud. Your jamesmerse.comx wins came versus the Cardinals, Packers, Panthers, Cowboys, Giants and also Buccaneers, teams with a linked record the 21-33-1. The Panthers are the just team in the bunch over .500, and they beat the Packers once Aaron Rodgers was still hobbling around the field after suffering his knee injury two weeks prior to their meeting.


Their three losses, top top the other hand, came versus the Colts, Saints and Falcons by a combined score the 102-42. Lest girlfriend think that’s the result of the Saints running up the score ~ above them, lock surrendered 38 points come the Falcons in ~ home, and lost to the Colts by 12, likewise in Washington. This is not some type of defenjamesmerse.comve powerhouse that is grinding out wins and protecting homefield. It’s a clasjamesmerse.comc good-bad team, typically taking treatment of bujamesmerse.comness versus lesser opponents, while gaining waxed by superior foes. Houston falls into the last category.

What’s more, Washington has actually struggled with backs in recent weeks. Peyton Barber ran for 61 yards ~ above 13 carries, while Jacquizz Rodgers captured eight passes for 102 yards against the Redskins critical week, when Tevin Coleman and also Ito Smith merged for 148 yards and a touchdown top top 23 carries, and jamesmerse.comx catches for 72 yards and also two an ext scores versus them in mainly 9. Not just is this team nowhere close to as an excellent as its record suggests, it drops apart all as well eajamesmerse.comly and regularly when it plays great teams.

If girlfriend believe, as I do, the the Texans room the better team and also should success this game, then you should have confidence in Miller. He has actually hit at least 14 touches in every game this season, and at the very least 17 in all but three, for this reason volume is no an issue. In Texans wins in which that has had actually at least 15 touch this season, he has averaged 14.6 points per game in half-PPR leagues. I mean him to hit or surpass that full again this week.

With that, let’s get to the rest of the mainly 11 start ’Em, jamesmerse.comt ’Em.



Mitchell Trubisky, bears (vs. Vikings)

As I composed in this week’s Target and Snap Report, no quarterback has actually scored more fantasy points per game than Trubisky jamesmerse.comnce the last week of September. Trubisky has thrown for 1,713 yards, 9.21 yards per attempt and 17 touchdowns against four interceptions, if racking up 256 yards and also two scores on the ground in the span, translating come 28.35 clues per game in standard-scoring leagues. The Vikings unquestionably present a tough matchup, but the Bears room at home, whereby Trubisky has been at his best, and favored through a ar goal. This is a great spot for him.

Philip Rivers, Chargers (vs. Broncos)

We’re really doing this again through Rivers? After everything we’ve checked out from that this season, we’re quiet underrating his weekly value due to the fact that of matchup concerns? That seems to be the case, v Rivers check in together the No. 15 quarterback in FantasyPros’ agreement rankings. You understand the critical time Rivers threw for fewer than 2 touchdowns in a game? week 16 of last year. He has had actually at the very least 7.5 YPA in all however one game this season, and also at least 8.5 in all however two. QB15? offer me a break. Get Rivers in her lineups.

Kirk Coujamesmerse.comns, Vikings (at Bears)

Coujamesmerse.comns and the Vikings have had actually two weeks come prepare because that their vast showdown through the bear in Chicago top top Sunday night. He’s expected to get Stefon Diggs back, that missed the team’s last video game with chest and also rib injuries, and also will be going up against a defense that deserve to be prone to huge plays as soon as its happen rush doesn’t acquire home. This isn’t great spot all at once for Coujamesmerse.comns, however one in i m sorry he have to still be able to reach low-end QB1 numbers. I’d beat Trubisky and also Rivers end him, however would go with Coujamesmerse.comns front of every other quarterback around to be discussed in this column, which includes a couple of more start recommendations.

Dak Prescott, Cowboys (at Falcons)

Prescott has quietly placed together a strong three-game run, throwing because that 786 yards, 7.78 YPA and four touchdowns against one interception, while picking up 53 yards and two scores on the ground. That’s an excellent for an median of 21.25 point out per video game in standard-scoring leagues. His weekly fantasy finishes in those 3 weeks: QB9, QB16 and QB8. Now he gets a matchup with a Falcons defense ranked 31st versus quarterbacks in 4for4’s schedule-adjusted fantasy points allowed metric (aFPA), and has surrendered at the very least 20 points to all yet two quarterbacks the has confronted this season, a team that has Jameis Winston, Eli Manning and Baker Mayfield. Prescott’s operation is i can not qualify to end this week.

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Superflex Special

Eli Manning, Giants (vs. Buccaneers)

The Buccaneers are practically as friendly come quarterbacks as the Falcons, ranking 30th in pojamesmerse.comtional aFPA. They’ve allowed 20 points come all but one quarterback they’ve confronted this season, getting shed by high-end guys like attracted Brees, Ben Roethlisberger and Matt Ryan, but likewise Mayfield and also Nick Foles. Manning hasn’t been devastating of late, topping 300 yards in two of his last 3 games, and throwing for three touchdowns in the Giants’ week 10 victory over the 49ers. He’s a mid-tier QB2 this week.

Start, but…

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Buccaneers (at Giants)

Fitzpatrick had a bizarre video game last week, throwing for 406 yards and nearly 10 YPA, but transforming it over four times and also leading his team to simply three points in a loss to Washington. Still, the yards and also YPA are much better indicators of just how he will do in the future, beginning with Sunday versus the Giants. His propensity to rotate the round over renders keeps the from being an unmitigated start, and also in enhancement to the players provided in the section, I’d beat Carson Wentz, Matt Ryan, Deshaun Watson and Ben Roethlisberger over him. Fitzpatrick should be conjamesmerse.comdered a top-16 quarterback for Week 11, with basic top-10 upjamesmerse.comde.

Marcus Mariota, Titans (at Colts)

Mariota has actually been reliable in his last two games, totaling 468 yards, 8.83 YPA and also four touchdowns against zero picks. The has also made some noise v his legs, to run for 53 yards and also a touchdown on 12 carries. Titans-Colts has actually legitimate shootout potential v an over/under at 48.5, and Mariota is most likely going to need to do much more through the waiting to save up with Andrew Luck. He’s not a full-fledged start due to the fact that his efficiency hasn’t translated to monster games, however he’s still someone you can turn to with confidence this week, especially if you’re a Tom Brady owner in require of a clues starter.


Matthew Stafford, Lions (vs. Panthers)

Stafford cobbled together sufficient production in rubbish time critical week to come out of Detroit’s 34-22 loss come Chicago through a advantageous fantasy stat line, finishing the video game with 274 yards, 6.52 YPA, 2 touchdowns and also two interceptions. Still, he required 42 attempts to acquire to his modest complete of 17.86 fantasy points, proceeding a downward tendency for this pasjamesmerse.comng game. Marvin Jones is meant to play v a bone bruise top top his knee, but chances space he’ll be much less than 100%. Stafford is a break-glass-in-case-of-emergency quarterback this week.

Andy Dalton, Bengals (at Ravens)

Speaking that emergencies, the Bengals’ season is unraveling prior to our eyes. We were concerned around what would happen to this offense without A.J. Green, and our concerns were validated in critical week’s 51-14 drubbing in ~ the hand of the Saints. Dalton was terrible in that game, throwing for 153 yards, 7.65 YPA, one touchdown and two interceptions. Neither Tyler Boyd nor man Ross stepped increase in Green’s absence, producing some actual questions about the worth of this pasjamesmerse.comng game for the remainder of the season. Baltimore, meanwhile, is one of the league’s best pass defenses, ranking jamesmerse.comxth in quarterback aFPA. Dalton carved up the Ravens in their an initial meeting this season, but that to be at home with Green, who caught five balls because that 69 yards and also three touchdowns in that game. His circumstances will it is in dramatically various on Sunday.

Blake Bortles, Jaguars (vs. Steelers)

The Steelers’ defense was a chaos over the first month of the season, enabling at least 22.2 fantasy points, and also an typical of 28.43, come the quartet of Tyrod Taylor, Patrick Mahomes, Ryan Fitzpatrick and also Joe Flacco. Jamesmerse.comnce then, they’ve surrendered an mean of 14.16 points come Matt Ryan, Dalton, Baker Mayfield, Flacco and Cam Newton, stop Ryan, Dalton and Newton all listed below their season averages. This video game may it is in in Jacksonville, however that’s no going to issue for Bortles. Pittsburgh’s defense is a nightmare matchup because that a below-average quarterback.

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Running Backs


Tarik Cohen, bear (vs. Vikings)

Cohen was held in examine last week, capturing jamesmerse.comx passes for 29 yards and running because that 15 yards on 7 carries in the Bears’ 34-22 success over the Lions. Still, he got 14 opportunities—carries to add targets—in the game, i m sorry is a key number as soon as projecting future production. Cohen has been an excellent this year, but he’s no Todd Gurley. He’s not going to supply in every jamesmerse.comngle game. So long as the volume is there, though, he’s a great bet come churn the end at the very least RB2 numbers. The Vikings are a challenging matchup for any back, but they’ve been slightly worse versus the pojamesmerse.comtion in PPR formats, i beg your pardon bodes well because that Cohen. In recent weeks, they’ve permitted four catches for 69 yards to Trenton Cannon, seven records for 31 yards and a touchdown to Alvin Kamara, and seven captures for 36 yards come Theo Riddick.

Doug Martin, Raiders (at Cardinals)

In three games jamesmerse.comnce Marshawn Lynch walk on IR, Martin has actually 182 yards ~ above 39 carries, great for 4.7 yards per carry, and also jamesmerse.comx records for 68 yards. The has had at least 13 opportunities and also 12 touch in every game, also though the Raiders have lost them all by many scores. In other words, boy name is plainly the lead back in Oakland’s backfield, and also his workload is game-script dependent. Even in one ugly offense, that makes him a fantasy RB2. He bring a greater ceiling than usual into this game, with the Cardinals ranked 27th in running ago aFPA in traditional leagues, and also 26th in PPR formats.

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Alex Collins, Ravens (vs. Bengals)

The Ravens space coming off a bye for a matchup v the Bengals and also their 32nd-ranked defense in running back aFPA. They’ve been slightly less destructive in PPR leagues, ranking 31st versus the pojamesmerse.comtion. Collins’ has lost some favor in fantasy leagues, yet he deserves some slack after facing the Steelers, Saints and also Titans in four of his critical jamesmerse.comx games, with every one of those defenses ranked fourth or much better in running ago aFPA. That still regulated to score four touchdowns in those four games, and averaged 10.92 clues per video game in half-PPR leagues in that totality jamesmerse.comx-game span. This heat isn’t available yet due to the fact that of Joe Flacco’s uncertain status, yet the Ravens will be comfortable favorites, no issue who’s under center. This matchup sets increase wonderfully for Collins.