Women"s university basketball transport rankings: south Carolina, UConn get deeper, Baylor, Syracuse rebuild

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"Stanford Steve" Coughlin and also Chris "The Bear" Fallica covering the college football season as only they can, offering their height picks, betting nuggets and also totals worth wagering on.

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Records:The be afflicted with (Last week: 2-4. Season: 15-23)Stanford Steve (Last week: 3-4. Season: 22-21)

Note: every lines are from caesars Sportsbook.

The Plays


North Carolina Tar Heels at No. 11 Notre Dame Fighting irish (-3.5, 62.5)

Stanford Steve: It to be said right here last week -- the ireland still have a opportunity to have actually a an extremely successful season with what lies front on your schedule. In comes among the many disappointing teams in the nation in north Carolina, and also the Tar Heels have actually not been an excellent on the road. They room 5-13 in their last 18 road games straight up. The Irish have actually covered four of their past five and I prefer the direction the violation is going; castle are gaining the run game going together RB Kyren Williams went for 138 yards and 2 TDs last week in the win over USC. We"ll purchase the half-point and get off the 3.5 number.

Pick: Notre Dame -3 (-$120) (Notre Dame 34, north Carolina 29)

Fallica: I got in the season with great intentions in choose a team that would beat Clemson for the ACC title. While ns was right that Clemson to be there because that the taking, I landed on a team that"s seemingly incapable of stopping anyone. So of food I"m chasing with UNC here! It"s an chance for the Tar Heels to conserve a little face v a success over a highly ranked team and an offense that can not it is in able to totally expose it.

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Pick: phibìc Carolina +3.5

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