We will have Poodle Puppies ready to sign up with your family members for CHRISTMAS!!! For information & photos of the parents, visit our Upcoming Litters page.

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Adoption Info

Below you will find an ext information around the AKC typical Poodle puppies we have for revenue in Gap, Pennsylvania. These incorporate Tri-colored poodles and also & parti phantom poodles.

Before reserving a puppy, please read ourPolicies, i beg your pardon covers things prefer our health guarantee and also shipping options. If girlfriend have any kind of questions,Contact Us.

Your brand-new AKC Poodle fur baby will certainly go residence with the following:

Puppy ContractGenetic health trial and error results ~ above parentsPennHip/OFA resultsAKC registration records on purebred littersVet CheckedHealth CertificateVaccinated & Dewormed2 Year genetic Health GuaranteeSome existing puppy foodBlanket with moms scentLifelong breeder support

After you have paid her deposit, we will call you asap to schedule your choose up date and also time. Please speak to orContact Uswith any type of questions!

Shipping available anywhere in the US!

We have actually our own trip nanny, ready to assist wherever the puppy might need to be flown.

Contact Us to talk about this issue furthermore

We will be doing a repeat breeding on Karla and also Tracker, please contact us to see images of your previous litter and we can give you an idea what they will certainly look favor . We expect puppies to it is in 40-45 lbs matured

Please call Us for information about upcoming litters.

About the traditional Poodle


Theminiature poodle selection is share by the AKC as having a height of more than 10 inches at the withers, but less than 15 inches.

I started off v a poodle and fell in love through the breed, especially the Tri party phantom coloring! The phantom top top a poodle is the tan points that look similar to the tan markings ~ above a Rottweiler (feel totally free to call us and we have the right to talk much more about the phantom coloring in poodles). We are likewise getting into miniature poodles and also maybe Toy poodles later on on. I will tell you an ext about the personality of the poodle below.

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Elegant, proud and also clever, poodles are superior dogs and also absolutely display winners. Behind the blue ribbons, outstanding hairdos and also regal attitude, you’ll uncover an affectionate family dog with an ancient history and numerous talents. Poodles are concerned as among the most intelligent each other in the world, highly trainable and well suited because that just about any job you put them to. If you are an active person, this is the dog for you! invest a the majority of time v your poodle and also you will find a loving, smart and also loyal family members companion. The poodle is a non-shedding breed and a perfect selection for human being with allergies as countless allergic human being have no reaction to them.