The Standard the Excellence amplified Comprehensive Band technique Books 1 & 2 second EDITION combine a solid performance-centered approach with music theory, music history, ear training, listening, composition, improvisation, and also interdisciplinary and also multicultural studies. Each publication includes personalized access to Accompaniment Recordings, speed cards, add to a full-function recording studio, tuner, and also more—all it is provided by Pyware"s desktop or mobile INTERACTIVE exercise Studio. Student will uncover the new package renders practicing no only more fun — but much more effective, too! The an outcome is one of the most finish band methods available anywhere.

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Standard of Excellence an extensive Band Method,Standard of Excellence: magnified Band Method

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PW21TB - typical of Excellence (SOE) ENHANCED, publication 1 - Trombone (Sample PAge)
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Features include:

• Full shade drawings and graphics.

• Three starting systems to assist ensure optimistic results in any type of beginning situation.

• because that ... Just exercises (i.e. Because that FLUTES ONLY) that market idiomatic options to the unique obstacles of each instrument.

• EXCELLERATORS (advanced supplemental exercises) to reinforce and also enrich performance basics.

• A nine web page FOR OBOES ONLY beginning system that gives beginners a solid structure for finding out in the full band setting.

• increased French Horn and also Percussion books, including a separate publication for Timpani & assistant Percussion, that deal with the unique needs of beginner on these instruments.

• A comprehensive, totally-correlated electrical Bass publication that supplies expanded opportunities for college student involvement.

• Music from end 20 countries, with correlated enrichments, come encourage multicultural study.

• accomplishment Lines and also GO for EXCELLENCE! check lines come ensure objective assessment the students" accomplishments.

• A built-in reward mechanism that encourages students and also encourages musical growth.

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• Personalized access to every the attributes of the INTERACTIVE practice Studio.