For the 2021-22 school year, there room 11 public institutions serving 4,985 student in St. Charles R-VI institution District. This district"s average experimentation ranking is 9/10, which is in the peak 20% the public schools in Missouri.

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Public colleges in St. Charles R-VI college District have actually an typical math proficiency score of 48% (versus the Missouri windy school average of 42%), and also reading proficiency score that 53% (versus the 49% statewide average).
The height ranked public colleges in St. Charles R-VI college District space Lincoln primary school School, Blackhurst elementary School and George M. Null elementary school School. In its entirety testing rank is based on a school"s an unified math and reading ability check score ranking. St. Charles R-VI school District has actually one of the highest possible concentrations of top ranked public colleges in Missouri.
Minority enrollment is 28% the the college student body (majority Black), which is much less than the Missouri windy school median of 29% (majority Black).

Top Rankings

St. Charles R-VI college District ranks among the optimal 20% the public college district in Missouri for:

St. Charles R-VI college District, i m sorry is ranked in ~ the peak 30% of all 555 institution districts in Missouri (based turn off of linked math and also reading proficiency testing data) because that the 2018-2019 college year.




The revenue/student of $16,831 is greater than the state average of $11,298. The college district revenue/student has stayed fairly flat over four school years.
The school district"s spending/student that $19,391 is greater than the state typical of $10,855. The college district spending/student has actually grown through 32% over 4 school years.

Food allergies are no laughing matter and it doesn"t take long for them to come to be dangerous. Keep analysis to learn how to keep your kid safe at school if he has actually a food allergy.
The recent Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup Poll mirrors that three in four parents trust college teachers over unions and believe reliable teachers room the crucial to improving quality in windy schools.

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Across the country, the implementation of seclusion and also restraint and also disciplinary measures could be considered child abuse. Learn around the policies that are being spread in order to safeguard public college students.

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