While this is no much longer a "PayPal problem" it is affecting an ext users in recent weeks: Google docs does not include http (or https) in embedded links and also a number of users space reporting difficulties with various other URLs.

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If you see Outlook trying to attach to a URL formatted choose this: //s.ytimg.com/yt/img, the trouble is the missing http protocol. Any type of of the services on this web page will deal with the "s.ytimg.com problem" and other urls the are missing https: in the url.
Outlook users have actually experienced concerns with Outlook hanging when they see email messages from PayPal, Google Docs, and also YouTube. Outlook goes right into a "not responding" state while it tries to process a web an insect using a url the is lacking HTTPS:.

In addition to the hangs, one more concern is the Outlook is make the efforts to affix to a net address, even though all outside content is an alleged to it is in blocked.


In older versions, look at on the edit menu in an open up message.

Note: It might take a couple of seconds to enter modify mode as Outlook will have to download external content.

Once in edit mode either:

Locate the heat containing the offending link and delete it.Or switch to the layout Text ribbon and choose plain text.

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Save and close the message.

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