One of the highlights the 2004’s Spider-Man 2 game was working out just how to get throughout to the Statue the Liberty. It involved attaching your net to a pair that helicopters and also timing her jump just right to with Ellis island. In Spider man PS4, you aren’t claimed to have the ability to reach the Statue of Liberty, yet through pure glitchy luck, we controlled it.

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You see, for together open and sprawling together Spider man on PS4’s rendition that Manhattan is, there space invisible boundaries to prevent you venturing too much out indigenous its edges. Floor in the water and also you’ll notice that Spidey cannot swim. He’ll simply sort of rise there until you web earlier onto one of the railings located at the edge of the map. Totter out as well far across a bridge and you’ll be greeted through a blog post saying you’ve reached the limits of play, and also pressing X will certainly promptly rotate you earlier around come move earlier toward the center if the map.


With the help of the dodge move though, you have the right to move in the water, albeit by around five feet at a time. Using this technique we were able to glitch v the invisible barrier separating united state from lady Liberty, and we to be able come edge our way closer and also closer come Ellis island.

In the video clip embedded above, you can see precisely where we managed to gain through the barrier, and additionally just how slow development is when you’re making use of a dodge animation as her main source of movement.


And what did we find when we got to Ellis island and the statue of Liberty? Well, a totality lot of naught that’s what. It’s nice clear the Ellis Island is not somewhere the folks over at Insomniac intend players to have the ability to visit, so it actually appears as a hole art asset v no actual presence in game. We simply clipped directly through it, and also even regulated to gain directly below the statue, showing that the was undoubtedly empty.

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It’s precious noting the the exploit we found was present in a pre-release version of the game, and also will most likely be patched in ~ launch. Tho though, we’ll constantly remember visiting the strange, empty covering of Ellis island in Spider man PS4, and also who knows, maybe we’ll visit that for actual in the sequel. Here"s hoping.

We’ll be bringing you plenty more on Spider male PS4 in the comes weeks, but in the meantime girlfriend can examine out what we thought of that in our Spider guy PS4 review. If you’ve simply picked up the game yourself and are looking for tips, then our Spider guy PS4 travel guide Hub is the place to be.


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