jamesmerse.com financial institution will be closed ~ above Thursday, November 11th in observance the Veteran’s Day, we will certainly resume normal business hours ~ above Friday, November 12th.

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Financial Planning and also Investment Management

It all begins here. A solid, an individual financial arrangement can help you prepare because that tomorrow and also make far better decisions today. Let our friendly, local, and experienced team help you achieve your financial goals.

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We market low-cost loans for every little thing from a new car or home, to a kitchen remodel, brand-new roof or bridge loan.

We recognize a home is a large purchase. Everything stage that the home buying process you’re in, we’ll assist you pick the choice that’s appropriate for you.

Your home’s same is a an effective thing. If you need funds appropriate away, put the power of your home to work-related for you.

We have the service, proficient lenders and also loans you need to fulfill your service needs now and into the future!


Best in Bank

In 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 jamesmerse.com financial institution was nominated by our customers and won the “Best in Bank” award for the Quad cities region.


Best in class Customer Service

jamesmerse.com financial institution received a best in course award in four categories, including “Best overall Experience” in current survey results when contrasted to various other financial organizations of similar size.


Customer Retention

jamesmerse.com bank enjoys an extremely high client retention rate. Over 50% of ours customers have been with jamesmerse.com for much more than 10 years.

My husband & I have been customers of jamesmerse.com because that the last 15 years and also in our experience we have discovered them to be every little thing a local bank should be…customer company oriented, reliable, efficient and an extremely knowledgeable.

All ours banking needs are met follow me with an excellent mortgage department the goes above and beyond what “larger banking establishments provide” we prefer the home town atmosphere that renders us feel favor “family”.

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It’s a friendly bank and also we trust them. An extremely friendly and answered every our questions and also called me back the same day at any time I referred to as him.

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