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Talking:Whats that big baby?You know whats sound dogThey gon' prefer this here, ya heard me?They walk like, you know what I'm sayin'?Fuck 'emChorus:From what i was called niggas to speak I'm a hit No Limit favor PacHit fatality Row and also make some mon', now dance hoAnd blow, up prefer the human being tradeAnd be protected by No limit tanks, soldiers v K's and hand grenadesCould girlfriend recall a soulja that provided to be crawlin'Now I'm ballin', don't arrangement on fallin'For the worldLeft the furl in the dope man, ~ above the setCause I acquired plans bigger then the desire projectsI run v steel thing totin', niggas that smoke potentAnd clock 'em in they back scopin'Outta every soldier hatersQuick attract McGraw niggas check out ya laterCradle to the grave yaYa dad made ya?Let's view if he have the right to be ya saviorWhen I cave ya chest in v me killing weaponThey can't find out Smith and also WessonOnly Glocks and street equipments with infer beamsYou recognize what ns meanFully automatic points light increase the sceneAnd break ham choose Carl LewisNothin but gun smoke is all ya smellNiggas lying dead top top bullets and also shellsMy civilization dwells come UptownWhere the shit go downShot callers and big ballers, mother knowAnd do-do brown, win By The Pound, somethin' you could smoke tooFlavors choose ? red, beans, rice, gumbo the stewMy small one said its all on you, and also Choppers CityMy ? clique clanin' posseAin't no stoppin', mine committeShits bigger climate me, Nino Black Trenitty, ya feelin' me?
ChorusIncarceration had me actual impatientI was neighborhood until ya heard me ~ above Down southern Hustlers, it was nationThat said this shit is mine creationIs it real, yeah, cause niggas wearin' soldier rags and also shitKeepin' it twrealMy reservation is come make some millsAnd continue to be independentStay wearin' girbauds and polos, and also soldier Reebok tennisCrushed the end tank on my neckProtect my chest like a vestNo an ext coke, no more dope, just alcohol and sessRespect my rhyme due to the fact that my mind is to fill up with angerSound prefer I acquired a Glock for itWith black ? bullets in the chamberWait to be released and also decease fake ass MC'sNiggas finest freeze cause I to express gats and burn come the 3rd degreeMake girlfriend wonder will certainly you ever before breathe again prefer Toni BraxtonLeave ya skull fraction, about an ext action 보다 JacksonSo you better ask somebody that know meIf they real they gon' tell ya those realIf they fake lock gon' soldier hateI have the right to freestyle around it there is no makin' no mistake, questioning TreThat's my compadre, a nigga that i ride with, every dayGot it cockedAnd in the trunk bumpin' nothin' yet the win By The lb funkPull that skunk out, the windows fogged upAnd the system all the method pumpedEverything us drop be fire, don't nothin' it is in bunk

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ChorusI to be a weed fiend, dope fiend and coke fiend with low keyAnd ns was top top the cumma moveWhen UNLV offered to rock the club 49Back in 93Ho was givin' me loveNiggas givin' me daps and hugsSoldiers respect soldiers, and soldiers respect thugsThugs gotta respect soldiers, if lock don't want they life to be overBrought come a closin'Ain't nothin' changed but the nameWhen ya to speak soldierMean magnoliaYa gained that?And me keep me Glock, for they cocked backHoes jock that, when a nigga be all the means realOnly thing they desire is the dough, cock appealBut i don't fuck about no moreAnd just saw me prefer that you little clown ass hoIf my circulation was a gun, bitch you would certainly runWhen friend hear my come, indigenous the headEvery lyric is a bulletFuckin' ya up with some of this shit i sayIn 95 nigga left because that me dead but I didn't dieAnd some of the soldiers dieThey just multiplyGod left me alive, for this reason I deserve to blow increase in the worldI thank the man every night because that takin' me off the pearly girlIt provided me the possibility to raise my son and my communityCause now a days niggas obtained guns and also shitScreamin' out unityMotherfuckin' nigga bruisin' meThat something ns can't walk forI done signed the contractShut the studio door