While editing and enhancing some vocals the other day, i accidentally fight a key in Vegas and also the scrub head began going backwards, play my audio in reverse. I wasn"t trying to perform this in ~ the time and also got it playing normal again. Today I was thinking that this can be helpful when trying to discover a point where the vocalist bring away a breath. Fairly than guess, break-up the clip and also play from a couple of seconds earlier to listen if the is gone, then repeat the process, you could just collection the pat head past the breath, play the backwards and also find the exact point that they start their breath.

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Does anyone recognize the an essential you hit come play the scrub head backwards in Sony Vegas?

(This is no flipping the clip to play in reverse using "Right-click/Reverse", i don"t require that, I simply need the pat head come play in turning back temporarily, favor scrubbing it backwards)

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Found it!

You have the right to press the "J" vital to play in reverse. Each time girlfriend hit the "J" it will certainly jump a full speed approximately x4. If you want to run by speed of .25x, hold the "K" button and hit "J". While that is play backwards, hitting the spacebar will certainly jump you back to where you started playing, and hitting "K" will stop you wherein you are.

To readjust playback speeds going forward, you deserve to use the "L" an essential in the exact same manor.

To find the exact allude where a breath is taken, you location the pat head around where the breath starts, then hit "J", it will certainly play backwards for a bit. Struggle the spacebar and readjust the playback point out by hitting the left or ideal arrow, climate hit "J" again. As soon as you are specifically where you desire to reduced the clip, hit "S" and you will separation the clip ideal there.

(The arrows will certainly jump one "frame" follow to the framework rate of your project, even if the is an audio project. If the is set to 24 fps, it will jump 1/24th that a second forward or backward)

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