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"Bring that On Home" is a blues song written by American music arranger and also songwriter Willie Dixon. Sonny boy Williamson II videotaped it in 1963, yet the tune was no released until 1966. Led Zeppelin adjusted it in part as a homage to Williamson in 1969 and also subsequently, the song has been tape-recorded by number of artists.

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Baby, babyI"m gonna carry it on residence to youI done bought my ticket, I acquired my loadConductor excellent hollered, "All, aboard"Take mine seat and also ride method backAnd clock this train move down the trackBaby, babyI"m gonna bring it on residence to youI think around the good times i once have actually hadSoul got happy now, my heart obtained gladI think around the method you love me tooYou can bet your life, I"m comin home to youI"m goin homeI"m gonna lug it ~ above home, nowI"m gonna lug it top top home, nowI"m gonna bring it top top home, nowGonna carry it ~ above homeBring the on residence to you

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Sonny young Williamson II Aleck "Sonny young Williamson" miller (possibly December 5, 1912 – may 25, 1965) to be an American blues harmonica player, singer and also songwriter, indigenous Mississippi. The is recognized as among the most charismatic and also influential blues musicians, with significant prowess on the harmonica and highly an innovative songwriting skills. He recorded properly in the 1950s and also 1960s, and also had a direct influence on later blues and rock performers. He need to not be puzzled with one more leading blues performer, man Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson, who died in 1948. An ext »

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